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The first Vintage at Goodwood  – a celebration of British fashion, music, film, design and art from the Forties to the future – begins this weekend.

Tell us about the fashion – was it properly vintage, or vintage lite? Did you buy anything? Did you visit wearing vintage? Did you meet any possible future queens of vintage?

Did you join the vintage futuroligists to pick a piece to bury in the time capsule, join a Forties tea party or rollerskate in slashed marlwear at the roller disco?

Tell your story in words or pictures, or both. Get in touch with your inner Sartorialist and snap the most stylish queens and kings of vintage at the event. Photograph yourself and friends too.

Where did you travel from to visit the event? We’d love to hear if you made the trip from overseas.

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9 Responses

  1. Gaynor Roberts

    The fashion show at Vintage Goodwood on Friday was a real disappointment. After queueing for a long time to get in and only just making it, as many were turned away, we saw just ten minutes of fashion and five minutes of that was Molly Parkin talking. When she finished, we expected the show to continue as we had only seen about ten models parade down the catwalk once, and only two of those were female. The boys were uncertain as to what they had to do,( I know that for some of them it was their first time) although their clothes were very interesting and colourful.

    I also know that Molly Parkin took on the show at short notice, but surely with her connections, she could have put on a better effort for the many people who were looking forward to a top notch display of what fashion has to offer today.

    The rest of the event was excellent, organisation generally could not be faulted. Considering the weather more indoor venues would have been welcome. The De Longhi cafe became very overcrowded when the rains came. The show on the main stage in the evening was mostly very good, but the sound engineers could have made sure that the solo singers were not drowned out by the band!

    I hope this feedback will prove useful to you in the future. I would come back again next year if the event is held again.

    Gaynor Roberts

  2. Gishers

    We only attended on the Friday and due to traffic arrived quite late which was a shame because most of the shops closed at 8pm sharp. Initial impressions were that it contained moments of stylised genius but when it came to the bigger picture it lacked a festival feel – closing the shops/stalls at 8pm didn’t help!

    It was a shame about the weather and having more indoor entertainment would have helped – long waiting times for sit down meals.

    Lots was admirable – the 40s tent a fine achievement, but the roller disco – again shutting up shop at 8pm and just an old dogems track?

    It was good, there were touches that I got very enthused about – but it missed out on being great, I can’t quite articulate why.. would like to hear from others.

  3. Lorraine

    Overall it was a good festival considering it’s the first time. However, shutting stalls so early in the evening left the Main High Street looking like a Ghost Town. The Roller Disco shutting at 8pm was unfortunate. I brought my own roller skates to find mid Sunday afternoon it was too crowded to skate properly, it should have been larger to accommodate plenty of skaters..

    Definitely not enough food outlets, there was such a large area beyond the Main Stage up near the Fire Engine Bar, and that could be used for food vendors in future, and more tables and chairs required and undercover marquees for when the rain does fall, which sadly it did Friday and Saturday.

    I would have loved to eat at the Dine India, but there was hardly anywhere to sit to eat the food, I saw people balancing on their knees to have a meal.

    The queue for the Torch Light Marquee was unfortunately too long, and I think the ground should have been levelled out as the glasses kept falling off the tables near to the VIP bar area which is where we dined. There should have been more indication of the queuing for the bar, and queuing for a meal as this was confusing.

    The cost of the Vingage brochure at £12 was too expensive and did not give accurately a synopsis of all the participants taking part on stage. It should have been more comprehensive. Perhaps take a look at the Womad brochure which gives an outline of each and every artist.

    I decided to stay in a B&B locally but heard that the camping was not good. Apparently there was not enough showers, and there were massive queues again, so something here needs to be addressed here. The position of the main stage was excellent, the Soul stage very good with excellent artists, attention to detail was wood chipping placed down on the ground to hinder a mud bath when it rained whcih was good.

    I liked very much the vintage cars and motor bikes, and the vintage stalls selling 1930’s and 40’s clothing.

    A good festival, hope it continues.

  4. Nigel Barker

    Here is a letter I am sending to the marketing people…..

    Vintage at Goodwood —- GLAMPING

    Definition of Glamping : a luxury form of camping which includes expensive equipment, high-class facilities, luxury food and drink, etc

    I thought you would like some feedback with regard to our experience of the Vintage Festival held over the weekend.
    We took four children and rented a 6 man Indian reservation Tipi for £1,200.
    We were looking forward to the “luxurious tipi’s nestled in festoon lit trees and around campfires.”
    Indeed, the imagination was further sparkled knowing we would have a “VIP camping assistant, roomy and comfortable accommodation with fully inflated airbeds, posh loos and showers and a bacon butty and cuppa delivered each morning”……….bring it on!!
    “ We have pitched several luxurious tipis and a sprinkling of little yurts in this Indian Reservation style camp, sitting between the festoon-lit trees and round our (very safe) campfires. It goes with out saying that we also have proper showers and loos at your disposal in order to ensure that only glam campers emerge from the glam camping “
    Nothing could have been further from the truth……suffice to say it was a disaster, the GLAMPING was GLAMBOLIC.
    A total and utter waste of money…. 1200 pounds worth of waste!
    The reality…..
    We arrived early Thursday afternoon and had to park some 8oo+ yards away from the tipi’s. Thus, the whole paraphernalia associated with camping had to be carted down to the awaiting tipi. With 4 kids of 12 and under, it wasn’t a pleasant experience.
    It wasn’t as if the field was level, so we had to traipse up and down car to tipi a number of times….not a good start.
    We were located at the bottom of the sloping field, separated from the main campers by wire fencing, as you may find on a building site.
    In fact, the idyllic website picture of the “reservation” was rather like one of those pictures you see of hamburgers and sandwiches etc, and when you receive the order, the reality is far from it.
    The luxurious tipi has 3 under inflated air mattresses in it….(which, even after requesting further air from our “VIP assistant”, remained ignored).
    Anyhow, we got on with it and “moved in”.
    The tipi let in lots of draughts as the canvas didn’t meet the ground sheet and the door flap constantly blew open through the night. As a result, each night we were cold and, as we were on a slope, constantly sliding off our beds.
    The tipi let in the rain through the roof opening soaking our beds. We did receive attention for this and polite attention may I say…..they advised that this was to be expected and one needs to know which way the rain is falling to be able to set the “roof water catcher” correctly! We were then given tarpaulin to protect our things from any more rain.
    There were no campfires of any type in existence.
    In the morning, the queue for the showers was around 8-10 people long.
    The showers did have hot and cold running water. Sometimes they ran hot….sometimes they ran cold…and sometimes they didn’t run at all! The drainage wasn’t effective, thus, you showered with feet in the dirty water of the foot tray, from you and others. They were poorly maintained.
    The toilets were too few and far from posh. More toilets did appear on Sunday morning. If I were to rate the posh loos and showers per a standard campsite, I would rate a 1star….we bought into 5 or even 6 star facilities and were let down badly.
    There were no changing rooms for those wanting to “vintage up” for the occasion……agreed, this wasn’t promised, though the real campers (on the other side of the fence) had quite a number of specific ”dressing room” cubicles with mirrors, hairdryer points and shelves. In our posh loos there were a total of two mirrors above the sinks in which all the women were trying to wash, do their make-up, and hair, though it was not possible to wash your hair as there were no facilities to dry it.
    The promised bacon butties and tea didn’t arrive on Friday morning at all…even after ordering ours at the reception area, they were seemingly given to others. The situation improved on Saturday morning when a catering truck was sent down….the Saturday queue was around a 25 minute wait.
    Transport to the “Festival entrance” was non existent. Thus, we had to walk further than any others to get to the main entrance.
    There was a reception area within the “Glamping” area. I needed to charge my phone as we needed to keep in contact with the kids during the day, amongst other things. I asked reception if I could charge it with them. The reply was…if you are in the tipi’s they are not our responsibility and we are not your reception, and therefore, no we cannot charge it…you need to ask at the Tangerine tent, a different company who erected the tipi’s.
    Off I went in search of the Tangerine tent & power.
    My request at the Tangerine tent was met by “we don’t charge phones”…which then moved on to…”Well, we could charge it, but we would have to charge you!”
    “How much”, I enquired……”How long do you want it charged for”, came the reply…..”Five minutes?” I replied…..
    ”How about £2?”, was the response….!!!!
    The conversation moved on as you may imagine, and another of the Tangerine workers then concluded, his boss wouldn’t allow it as phones could be stolen….and that “many promises had been made by Goodwood that couldn’t be kept and we are just here to put up tents”………thanks for that then!
    The two tipi’s next to us were occupied by teenagers and whilst we have all been there, it wasn’t a pleasant place to be at 2.30am or so, at a cost of £1,200!
    We left on Sunday, rather than the planned Monday, as the Glamping was so disappointing.
    On a positive note, we managed to get assistance, from a girl on a buggy, to move all our gear back to the car. Many others were not as fortunate!
    So, what is our conclusion….?
    We bought into a glamorous camping experience at a glamorous price, and received little in return.
    We would have been much better off paying camping fees and erecting our tents in the standard area…cost for the weekend…£30 or so.
    I can only conclude that we have been severely ripped off.
    We bought into something that wasn’t delivered, big time.
    If it had been a shop, I would have returned the goods and received back my money…faulty goods, not fit for purpose.
    We are all massively disappointed with the experience and would appreciate your comments. I am happy to discuss the matter on a face to face basis with anyone in a position of serious responsibility, as we have paid for something we didn’t receive.
    I think I saw more complaining people over the weekend in that Glamping area than I have ever seen before in such a confined space, so I am sure you are well aware of the serious deficiencies.
    On a final note, once in the Festival area, we enjoyed it and thought for the first one, it was done pretty well.

  5. Elena jackson

    As a big fan of The Revival at Goodwood, and being in the business myself, I found the whole Vintage Festival a bit of a wash out! I repeatedly tried to get my shop added to the Goodwood website to advertise the event, and phoned for point of sale advertising leafletsseveral times, to no avail. We are one of the biggest vintage shops in the south west and were keen to help promote the festival to mutual benefit.
    Nevertheless, we dressed many excited punters for the weekend, and feedback from some of them reflects my own opinion that a FASHION festival will attract people who delight in getting dressed up to attend. Parking in a muddy field on a steep slope, walking a mile to the entrance along a rough country road, trudging through a bark path in a dark damp wood and then slopping up and down muddy slopes in much beloved period costume and unsuitable shoes is not what they expected! Yes wear your Teddy Boy suit or your 1930s Silk Tea Dress but with wellies or walking boots as no thought will be given to your beloved blue suede shoes or your silk stockinged tootsies in their cute peep toe heels by the organisers! Its not rocket science chaps…………….an even firm walking surface is all that needs to be provided for the fashion fans who like to be dressed for your event!
    The main Street was pretty impressive, I have to say, (Apart from the unsuitable walkway!) but I am at a loss as to why I had to part with sixty of my best quids to look in The Body Shop, John Lewis, and Oxfam. Or is it me? Next Year………………!

  6. betty smith

    I found whole goodwood experience to be a complete let down
    I really can not see why people are raving about it, quite honestly it wasn’t anything special,
    the cars were great, as was were the movies, but hardly anyone made an effort, the stalls were fine, but I didnt see anywhere near as much good quality vintage as I had hoped for, I was prepared to be spending alot, but that wasnt the case.
    And what was with the music only being on in the afternoon/evenings. I personally would have liked to see live acts just randomly around the place throughout the day, rather that in another field which by saturday was more like a mud slide.

    Really I don’t see why everyone is saying it was amazing
    it wasn’t
    after a few hours its was more of a bore
    they have alot to learn
    I wont go again unless it improves greatly.

  7. Tim Osborne

    We were all looking forward to the Vintage experience, especially my wife who had been preparing her outfit for weeks!.. We knew it was the first year, and that there would be ‘teething’ problems, etc.. but stories of Wayne H preparing it for over 3 years, a big festival go-er aware of the ‘usual problems at festivals’ never to be repeated, the hype of every detail and an entire experience thought about, really built up our expectations.
    Our 15yrd old son and his girlfriend came along too, listening to our tales on the way of ‘big roller discos’, shops, get your hair and make up done etc… so he too was looking forward to treating his girlfriend to a more unusual day out.!.. ……. then we arrived……
    We queued to get in, anticipation high… then we walked through the ‘gateway’ to see ‘ the high street ‘ …. like a scene from “Blazing Saddles’.. a false town erected overnight (which was fine), but expecting Vintage era shops, museums, art galleries, exhibitions, etc.. only to be greeted with John Lewis, Oxfam, Body Shop and a VIP lounge we weren’t allowed in.. was this Bluewater?
    We started to stroll down, and into the hair and make up area, great, ‘lets get your hair done’, I said, ‘sorry Sir, everything for today has now gone, hair and make up’, ‘but its only 11:15? you only opened 15 mins ago?.. yeah, sorry…
    Ok, lets try the cinema…’ sorry sir, full booked…’..
    Fashion Show, ..all tickets gone…. where do I get them?.. ‘oh we just randomly give them out now and again’.. A Fashion show that only held a 100 or so people indoors? Why not have an outdoor covered area that more people could have enjoyed?.. Did they really think that given the 1000’s of people there, only a small handful would want to see the vintage fashion?.. given thats why we were there?
    Abbey Road… this should be good, an exhibit of Abbey road?!.. Nope, a few black and white photos, one token recording deck.. and a sale of £249 latest headphones!! Hmm, hardly vintage!
    We managed to get into a cookery demo (we went mainly because it was the ONLY thing we could get into)… within minutes the place was overflowing and people couldn;t get into that either. ‘Yesterday we cooked a wonderful upside down Pineapple cake, I wonder what exciting thing chef has for us today?!’ came the organisers words…. ‘ Oh, just the same as yesterday’, came the chefs reply… hhmmm , glad I wasnt camping here for the cooking demos then….
    John Shuttleworth… sorry, fully booked cant come in….
    ‘Torch club’… sorry, fully booked, and it costs EXTRA to see.. Kitten Von Meow
    Roller Disco, must be behing that dodgems rink over there..?..oh no, that IS the roller disco?!
    Hardly ‘Roller Disco’.. I was thinking large tent, smooth floor, great music, plenty of room to skate… nope, a dodgems ring packed with people.. (which turned back to dodgems to 8pm)
    Where shall we sit to eat ?… umm nowhere?.. its raining, all the seats are wet, no covered area (tent security are stopping people going in)…
    eventually my wife found a fairly dry deckchair, sat down while I queued 20mins for a doughnut (shortest queue).. when I got back she was standing.. chairs gone…? ‘I was told to get off as they were putting them away… at 6 pm?!!)
    We rang our son, who had gone back to the car and had been there since lunchtime as they were bored and couldn;t get into anything, wet with no-where dry to go… I knew what he meant…
    Where were the exhibitions, shops (other than just rack after rack of ladies ‘vintage’ clothes’), vintage books, displays, talks, seating areas?…
    Just a little too much commercialism, and not enough to see or do if you couldn’t get in , etc..

    It was Waynes first year and I’m sure we’ll see major improvements in the future, and all our comments will be taken into account, but I think some of the basics had been missed completely and they were banking on a summers day. (In the UK?!).. But think its agreat idea and hope it improves and builds year after year…
    Music was great, especially the Noisettes!..
    Bonhams… great to walk around and see all that!.. Shame the auction was only on for one day… we paid £20 extra just for the brochure so we had something to read and were curious about the prices they fetched… most informative exhibit of the day.!
    Glad I didnt pay for a weekend ticket, or worse… Glamping!
    We left early so didn’t have too much trouble with traffic.

  8. Miss Cherry Red and Mac Marvel

    Hi having read the above thought I would add my comments.

    I loved Vintage Goodwood – I thought for its first festival it was brill ! Of course there are going to be teething problems (everybody should always be prepared for British weather especially in August – it always rains!!)

    We stayed in a tent after managing to meet up with friends on Friday night and once we were settled in we had no problems. Regarding the showers and toilets – we were up at 7am every morning to shower and use the facilities (of course there are going to be long long queues at peak times – the obvious – get their early or leave it a bit later!!) I loved that there were hot drinks and food available right next to the camp site from 6am – first coffee of the day nice and hot – until 1.30am lovely hot chocolate to take back to the tent.

    We met and spoke to so many nice people from all different walks of life. I have been a serious vintage collector and dancer for 15 years and whilst I took a large number of some of my prized vintage costumes I adjusted according to the weather (and took boots) I still managed to wear a forties suit with stockings hat fur etc, rockabilly jeans, and a hawaiian wiggle dress on Sunday when the sun shone – and my cream Lilly Diamond evening dress (all out of a tent and the back of my car). I also took a mirror to put my make up on – packed the car army style so everything was ready to go!!

    We found plenty to do and see on the show site – music on from 11am every day – although I must admit the Torch Club took a bit of sorting out on Friday, until the Maitre ‘d realised we didnt want to eat just dance, then everything was fine !!

    Regarding the stalls, I think alot of people who came along for the weekend who do not seriously collect vintage would be shocked at the prices now being paid for high end vintage pieces and it may be that the dealers brought along clothes etc that would suit all tastes and pockets. Having said that I only now buy seriously good items of clothing and bags etc (paying up to £700 for an outfit!!) and I know some of the best dealers were not on site as the pitch fees were very high!

    I think people need to take on board camping does not always go hand in hand with getting decked out in your best bib and tucker, but it can work given a bit of planning on your part!

    As a festival, I saw people of ages from young children, to senior citizens and not once did we see any trouble despite there being alot of alcohol around, everyone we met seemed to be enjoying themselves (best moment of the weekend an older couple dressed very dapper dancing in the “Let it Rock” tent at 1am with a crowd of rockabillies and having so much fun !).
    Very little litter, and the loos and showers, whilst they did get busy, were kept as clean as possible and certainly after the rush hour in the morning, we ready for action again !!

    We have been going to the Revivial, Twinwoods, War and Peace show etc for years and I am sure Vintage will sort out any minor problems and be back bigger and better next year !!

  9. Posie Parker

    I had an absolute ball at Vintage Goodwood and I’m stunned to read so many Moaning Minnies on this site!

    I saw The Faces, The Buzzcocks, Kid Creole, Sandy Shaw, Gaz’s Rockin Blues and the Noisettes… Drank Gin cocktails in the divine Torch Tent and lindy hopped under the huge chandelier, then a few minutes later found myself raving in the Warehouse! We ate roast chicken upstairs on a red London Bus, and gorged ourselves on tea and homemade cakesI I bought a 30’s dress and a 50’s coat and picked up a gorgeous pair of ladies brogues (a bargain at £20)!… my husband bought a G-plan coffee-table and a collection of 50’s records (and the prices were a lot cheaper than London) . A rather charming young man tought me to knit… we had a hilarious frollick on the biggest water bed I’ve ever seen(!).. watched cucumber sandwich throwing at the Chap Olympics.. photographed some crazy Mods… and dreamed of owning 70’s caravan! We laughed, danced, relaxed and met some brilliant likeminded happy people!

    It’s an outdoor festival in a field in glorious England – of course it rains and there’s mud – why didn’t you come prepared?! Forget the nit-picking and over-exaggerated whining about factors which are all part of any event where there’s 1000’s of people attending and appreciate that the Hemmingways managed to create something really unique and with our support will be able to produce something even better next year. I for one am looking forward to it!