Until now I have been a hair extensions snob. For some reason I just couldn’t see how I could make them work for me as I like a simple, no-fuss every day look or Sixties styling. Then a friend of mine wore the most amazing braided Seventies up-do to a wedding – her secret: hair extensions. I was hooked.

While still contemplating which brand to go for I was asked if I wanted to review Irresistible Me Hair Extensions. Oh yes, I did. These extensions are made of human hair and come in two price categories, plus they also do clip on ponytails. I decided to go with the Remy (the deluxe, salon-quality category) in golden blonde. As my hair is long and thick, I opted for 200g of extensions at 20 inches.

The extensions arrived in a little box, packaged in a see-through plastic pouch, making it easy to colour test them against my hair. If you’re not happy with the colour match you’ve chosen, you can then easily exchange them, which is not something every extension brand offers.



The extensions themselves have a very easy clip in feature that even a complete novice such like me figured out in a couple of minutes, making clipping them in much easier than expected.

Just adding a few extensions on the sides and back adds subtle volume instantly without looking fake. You can also curl, straighten or set these, which will be essential for vintage styling.

For me the real appeal lies in the endless possibilities of big Sixties and Seventies hair styles you can create with extensions. Want a quick braided look? Not a problem, just add in an extension at the front, braid and style.


Or go really big with a simple braided bun.


Both styles only took a few minutes, and I can’t wait to properly play around and create a big do (see my inspirational gallery below).

The verdict: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions are super easy to use and are of such high quality that they blend in completely with your natural hair leaving you with a great base to style, curl or set your hair in whatever vintage way you prefer. I found it very easy to match them to my hair colour just by looking at their website, and when I had some questions regarding which weight to go for, they got back to me almost instantly explaining the different options. As a real investment that’ll last you for ages it’s definitely a yes from me!