So you’ve picked up a lovely vintage A-line skirt but somehow it just doesn’t fit right or looks a bit too dated? Problem solved! Our resident vintage revamp specialist Lucy Housman has come up with a step by step guide showing you how to transform your boring A-line skirt into an on-trend, high-waisted little number.

This weeks’ revamp goody is a vintage dark blue A-line skirt, the type not usually worn by us young-uns but it has a world of potential! The idea here is to create a very high wasted skirt, worn empire style. This would look terrific teamed with a pair of coloured opaque tights or just a plain top tucked in for a more neutral look letting the skirt do the work.

Step 1
Choose a skirt that will fit you, some of these skirts have rather tiny waist bands! Charity shops are a great place to find them.


Step 2
Measure the skirt to fit just under the bust, as if wearing the skirt part of an empire line dress. You may need to take it in a bit at the waist band, depending on the size you start with. If this is the case, all you need to do is pin and sew down the central front seam of the skirt, or both the side seams. Make sure the amount you take in is roughly equal all the way down the new seam, so as to maintain the original shape of the skirt.


Step 3
In terms of length, I usually go for mid thigh to give an A-line mini dress look, which is wonderfully 60s. Just cut off the excess length, turn up an inch or so, and hem along the bottom.


Step 4
Before sewing the hem, I recommend you roughly hand-sew the hem in place. This stops theĀ fabric from slipping and makes the fold neat.


Step 5
Finally, with the extra fabric left over from shortening the skirt, you can make a belt to match. Choose the length and width of the belt you’d like, remember to double the width. Just sew the fabric into a tube (inside out), turn it the right way and iron it flat. Sew each end closed and fix a belt buckle of your choice onto one. Plastic buckles are good to use as they are easy to pick up in charity shops or car boot sales. They also add a nice splash of colour.


Step 6
To finish off make four belt carriers to hold the belt in place and sew them onto the waist band, two evenly spaced onto the front and two at the back. Enjoy!


One Response

  1. Christiane Turner

    Dear Lucy,

    Thank you so much for your excellent tips! The step by step guide is so helpful and easy to follow.

    The new dress is way better than my old A line number and I wouldn’t have been brave enough to do it without you!

    Hurry up and write the next one! I have a wardrobe full of stuff that I ‘d love to take scissors to !!

    Lol, Christiane