usWe celebrated the 65th anniversary of D-Day this Saturday and relived the community spirit and patriotic determination of wartime London at Saturday’s London Blitz party. Men in uniforms, girls in nylons and ladies from the home front gathered at a makeshift East End air raid shelter, complete with sand bags and blackout curtains. put on their best Forties dresses and joined in the fun.

Queen’s creative events coordinator Claire, homes editor Tara and editor Lena in Forties vintage.













At the last Blitz party GIs, sailors and soldiers on leave mingled with girls in tea dresses, their hair done up in victory rolls, while the ladies from the home front had put on their best utility wear.

Everybody clutched their ration books at the bar and bought some Spitfire Ale or a glass of champagne or two, while an accordion player, a swing band and original news reels kept everyone entertained.

To find out more and buy tickets for the London Blitz party click here.

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11 Responses

  1. Fleur

    Good picture of Fruity in his uniform there! It was a fab night and no mistake. I do hope there will be more!

  2. Rose


    Du siehst den Damen der 40er-Jahre verdammt ähnlich.
    Eva Braun wäre bestimmt neidisch geworden bei diesem Outfit!

  3. Aloisius

    Hee, was glaubst Du denn.

    Es kann sich nur um ein Kompliment handeln.
    Zweifel völlig unangebracht!

  4. Mima

    I’ve been to all of the Blitz parties so far, and I can’t say enough good things about them! There’s a great atmosphere, some really friendly people, not to mention some rather spiffing gals and dapper chaps!

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