I’m having a baby in the next few weeks, which has been an interesting challenge clothes-wise. Most modern maternity wear is incredibly boring and full of matronly wrap dresses or polka-dotted monstrosities, and unsurprisingly post-birth clothing, otherwise known as nursing wear, isn’t any better.

I’m pretty much set on just wearing robes for a few days but my current delicate Thirties vintage ones and lactation do so not go together well, which is why I’m really pleased I came across the Bettie Robe by UK retro label Betty Blue’s. Based on a Forties cut, the robe comes in peach crepe satin, which is a little heavier than regular satin. With its big poufy sleeves and optional waist clincher, it’s just on the right side of glamorous too. Best of all, it’s been reduced from £235 to £85.


2 Responses

  1. Sarah

    I’m 35 weeks along with my fourth baby. I love the thought of a vintage-esque glamorous robe for nursing and the first few postpartum days.
    Housecoats are also a great option and I like the fact that they button or snap, keeping me fully covered when unexpected visitors come by to see the newest little one.
    I’ve been blogging about my vintage maternity wardrobe for the past months and you can check out the vintage housecoat made here.
    Praying you have an easy delivery and a healthy baby!

    • Lena

      Thanks Sarah, I hope it all goes well for you too! Really enjoyed reading your features!