If you are still looking for retro Christmas cards or greeting cards to send out for this holiday season, fear not. We have found three designs we think you’ll like –  we love them – and best of all you should be able to get hold of them just in time before Christmas.

Vintage Trudy cards – these wonderful little cards were all drawn in the early Fifties by Trudy, a young Dutch woman who found refuge in Britain during WW2. Years later her grandchildren found her drawings and decided to turn them into greeting cards. The Happy Skier (pictured above) would make a fab card this holiday season. (£2.50 per card via Etsy)

pl_2_detail_1Pennychoo cards – retro greeting card site Pennychoo always stocks a fantastic range of vintage-inspired cards. We’re big fans of their Boibles range (pictured right), which is inspired by vintage baubles. You can wish us a spiffing Christmas any time! (£2.50 per card via Pennychoo)

Soul Water cards – fashion illustrator Zoe Georgiou’s delicate, whimsical drawings work great as elegant and romantic Christmas cards. Our favourite is the Art Deco inspired portrait card (pictured below), perfect for any Twenties lover. (£3 via Not On The High Street)