Retro Chick blogger Gemma Seager reviews Vintage At Goodwood for Thanks Gemma! Gemma writes: Having looked forward to spending Saturday at Vintage At Goodwood for months I approached the campsite late on Friday with apprehension.

Torrential rain had followed us down the motorway, as had Twitter and Facebook reports of a mud bath and negative comments about organisation and lack of atmosphere.

I needn’t have worried, on the campsite at least, promises of well draining chalk soil, running water, flushing toilets and showers were all revealed to be true, and as we arrived at 7pm the sun peeked from behind the clouds and apart from a few brief showers it was pretty fine until we left Sunday morning.

Heading off to the site dressed in a vintage Nelly Don dress and snazzy vintage rain coat on Saturday morning felt rather magical. I collected my Vintage Vulture goodie bag (filled with Body Shop treats) and walked through a beautiful woodland path strung with lights to the rather dramatic red carpet entrance.

I spent the afternoon browsing vintage stalls, absorbing the atmosphere, posing for photographs (though I have no idea who for!) and eyeing up some of the fabulous outfits on show. There were minor complaints, the distance to the toilets and the fact that there weren’t quite enough ladies meant I missed the Chap Olympiad standing in a queue, I didn’t get to have a cocktail in the Tanqueray Bar, Dinner in The Torch Club or take in a fashion show as every time we tried there were yet more queues, and with just a day on site I didn’t really want to spend it queuing!

Despite these minor disappointments highlights included drinking Pimms served from a London Bus, lusting after vintage caravans, introducing the Big Brother chair to a far better dressed bottom than it was used to in the Future Vintage area and the delicious Goodwood Ale in the Festival of Britain Pub. The High Street, festooned with fairy lights, looked excitingly dramatic at night and drinking Champagne out of a paper cup under the stars listening to live music from under the clock tower was an unforgettable (if slightly chilly) experience.

Overall I think Vintage at Goodwood was a roaring success from a punter’s point of view. On Saturday at least wood chipping saved my shoes from anything but the slightest spatter of mud. Prices were essentially equivalent to any large event of this type (I’ve paid £3.50 for beer in FAR less glamorous surroundings) and the attention to detail in the decor of the various “clubs” was very impressive.

If it returns next year, then so will I, only this time with a ticket for the full weekend.

Retro Chick

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  1. Deborah

    I agree that Vintage was a very good looking festival. The pop-up high street was like something out of a film set and the various stages and bars were excellently decked out. A lot of thought clearly went into the look of this festival as you’d expect for an event so unabashedly devoted to style, fashion and glamour. The music was also fantastic, bar a few random acts on the main stage but I guess that’s not unusual for an era-crossing event.

    However, I was shocked at how expensive it was – £5.00 for a small, plastic cup of Pimms is far more than I’ve ever paid before and in general refreshments of any sort (including £6 for cold hog roast baps) were overpriced. I was also disappointed not to see any fashion shows as it involved hours of queuing and I too, didn’t want to waste my day.

    The weather was great on Sunday though, the atmosphere very relaxed and the crowd very smiley – albeit child heavy – this was clearly a family festival. On the whole I’m glad I saw Vintage at Goodwood – it’s a fabulous spectacle – but for me, didn’t deliver enough substance to warrant a return trip next year.