While there are plenty of amazing vintage-inspired lingerie labels out there, it isn’t quite so easy to find an affordable bullet bra and glamorous girdle in your size if you happen to be a bit bit bigger or thinner than the average. Could reproduction label Vintaga finally be the answer to our lingerie quest? Queens editor Lena Weber reports.

I don’t know about you but I find it quite hard to find nice, affordable lingerie in my size generally, let alone anything vintage looking. A lunch-time shopping trip to a big highstreet shop last week made me feel like a fat, big-boobed freak when I found out they don’t stock anything larger than a C-cup. And just so you know I’m a UK size 12/14 with a D-cup chest, hardly a freakishly odd size…

So I have to admit I was rather delighted when I cam across Vintaga, a UK-based online retailer that sells reproduction bullet bras, girdles, corselettes, other shapewear and stockings in both standard and plus sizes.

Just as an example, bullet bras go up to a D-cup, some of the pants are available in sizes up to UK24 and girdles go up to XXL.

All designs are at least partially made in the UK and handfinished to a high standard. Vintage lingerie, here I come – finally!

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  1. Nicole

    Yeah i always have trouble finding my size as well. It’s hard to find 32 its usually 34 and up

  2. public emily

    Too bad the largest cup size is a D. As a 32G, i was thrilled to see this article but dissapointed when i visited the website (although they have lovely things).

  3. Kate

    “What Katie Did” (http://www.whatkatiedid.com/) do bullet bras from a 32″ up to a DD cup (or possibly bigger).
    They’re also a bit cheaper I think.

    I’m a 32 but have a 34, as the bullet bras don’t have any stretch.

    Hope that helped :).

  4. Olivia Jay

    Hi all

    Don’t despair we now offer bullet bras up to an E cup and in back sizes 34-46 (some we have in 32) so if you don’t see what you want please ask, we are always happy to help – email us through the website called our line 01992 302166 (although it’s usually the answerphone as we are a small company and running around like headless chickens during the day).

    The larger and smaller sizes sell out very quickly but they are usually restocked in a couple of weeks.

    We also have free shipping throughout September and wil probably extend it until Christmas if the promotion goes well.

    Olivia xxx

  5. Emily

    ???why no A-cup? Why is it that women with smaller breasts are simply not catered for when it comes to lingerie? True at What Katy Did. True with this place too. Gutted.