Reprodcution vintage doesn’t just cover clothes, shoes or accessories but also make-up. More and more cosmetics companies discover the allure of vintage packaging and design. Vanessa Sandoval takes a look at the vintage-inspired Bésame Cosmetics.

No vintage loving girl is happy without the right make up in her purse. Enter Bésame Cosmetics. Gabriela Hernandez, created Bésame Cosmetics in 2004. “I started the company to make products that I would love,” says Gabriela. In turn she created products that every vintage loving girl would adore. “It developed out of my artwork and desire to share feminine, beautiful products with others.”

Bésame carries lip color, lip glaze, lip pencils, mascara, rouge and eye shadows in wonderful colors and not to mention the awesome vintage inspired casings.  “I get ideas from my large collection of antiques, museum exhibits, old films, and vintage graphics,” says Gabriela. “Everything around me inspires my creativity. It is all how you look at everyday things.”

Besame cosmetics bring a totally new aspect of vintage reproduction to customers. Everything about the make up screams Old Hollywood and it is not difficult to envision a Bésame lip color on the vanity of a silver screen siren. Not only is the idea of reproduction vintage make-up really original but the products are truly just beautiful. “We design very unique items that really perform well, and we really care about our customers,” says Gabriela.

Gabriela established her company in Los Angeles for very strategic reasons. “I spent most of my adult life in Los Angeles, and it is also the home of Hollywood, one of our inspirations.” Being so close to her inspiration has helped Gabriela to truly create a product that reflects all the glamour that Hollywood represents. “We also work often with the movie industry.” Though they are based in Los Angeles, Bésame has clients world wide. “We have many [clients] in the US as well as UK, Canada and Australia.”

Undecided about what product to try first? Gabriela says her best selling product is the Enchanting Lipsticks in Bésame Red, Cherry Red and Red Hot Red. The Bésame website also includes some great video tutorials on applying blush and mascara. Check out these tutorials  at

4 Responses

  1. claire

    I bought some of this recently. It’s nice stuff but the sizes are teeny tiny compared to modern makeup!

    • Lindsay

      The packaging is supposed to be delicate and dainty because that’s exactly how beauty products were in the 1940’s and 50’s. I collect real vintage cosmetics, and have many of the bullet lipsticks and the besame lipsticks are actually quite a bit bigger than the real ones. The ones from the 40’s and 50’s truly are the size of a bullet. REALLY small. I love the Besame lipsticks because of the beautiful packaging, the fact that they are duplicates of real shades from back in the day and despite being a little smaller than the average lipstick, they are super pigmented, so a little goes a long way and you rarely, if ever, have to reapply. In my opinion, it’s definently worth the money!