7022_1252424753282_1309422181_30720751_7520321_nAnnamarie von Firley opened her company, ReVamp, in 1998, with the idea of creating clothing inspired by designs from 1910-1950.“I started reVamp with a friend. We were out swing dancing on the  USS Jeremiah O’Brien lamenting at how poorly people were dressed.” Things needed to change-  ReVamp was born. Vanessa Sandoval went to check out the label.

Annamarie explains: “We decided that we should start reproducing vintage so that people could dance without destroying their vintage clothing. We were partners for a year, then I took over the business.” She also points out that “vintage from 1910-1950s are getting increasingly hard to find. There is a finite supply. “

ReVamp offers an assortment of pieces that look very original and are unique in their own way. Most pieces are made when they are ordered to ensure that they are the exact measurements of the customer.  “Since we make everything in-house, we can make anything made-to-measure.”

Though Annamarie originally began working out of San Francisco, she eventually moved out to Los Angeles where she could be close to all the fabric stores in Downtowns Garment District.  When ReVamp first opened, most of the customers were local swing dancers. “Now in addition to clients from LA as well as other parts of the US, we sell a lot to the UK, Australia, Sweden, and Germany,” says Annamarie.

Like many others, Annamarie draws her inspiration from many vintage sources: “I have a huge collection of vintage clothing, vintage pattern, fashion plates, catalogues, magazines and textbooks from 1910-1957.” Although she designs most of the items herself, Annamarie now has staff members who help her create some of the items ReVamp sells.

So what item should you purchase first? Well Annamarie says her best selling item is the Maxine Jumper but her Maisie ensemble is also very popular. ReVamp also does custom designs and has quite the celeb following.


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  1. KellyAnn

    Great info! I live in Los Angeles and reproduction vintage clothing works great on my figure. So excited to go and tryout this store!!!!