Reader Julie got in touch with us and set Lauren Cooke a challenge that sent her into overdrive.

Today’s challenge is great fun and right on trend. I have been asked to search out some Sixties outfits inspired by the gorgeous and now nearly legendary TV series Mad Men. I’m thinking beautiful suits, cute gloves and hats, and I haven’t been as inspired by an outfit idea in ages!

If you haven’t seen the programme, you are missing out on a style and fashion revelation, not to mention the source of a massive vintage outfit revival. To be honest, it needs little more introduction than that, and I want to stop jabbering and get outfit-ing.

First, I chose a lovely Sixties suit with a little flair in the skirt. It was nice to find a suit that flattered the all important derriere, but didn’t force you to show of every bump and bulge of your thighs.


Fitting right in with the beautiful colour scheme are these shoes with a cute little red heel and gorgeous glossy leather.





Finally, I have thrown in this astonishing ruffled pillbox hat which aside from being stunning, is a real find at only $19.49!






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3 Responses

  1. Helen

    The pink skirt suit is spot on, but the other clothes aren’t early 60s enough for Mad Men (for me, at least). Bear in mind some of the characters are still wearing that most 50s of items, a circle skirt – they really wouldn’t wear a 60s fedora. That’s far more late 60s. The print on the first suit and the cut of the skirt is also very late 60s, if not early 70s. It wasn’t really until about 64 or even 65, esp. 66, that what we think of as “the 60s” – miniskirts, geometric fabrics, Quanty stuff, etc really came into play, such as the last dress.

  2. Some Like it

    Isn’t it great living in this millennium? We can choose to mix any decade together, being inspired by one particular style. I love your outfits and they all look great! Thanks!

  3. Lauren

    Ooops doesn’t like they went down all that well. I am glad, however, that we live in an era inspired by things (the pretty suits, the grogeous gloves, the fascinating hair and delicate hats) – but where we can pick the items and avolve them for our modern lives, modern shapes and modern style. The then (the glorious glorious then) and the even funkier now!