Reader Bhav wrote in with an urgent cry for help. His girlfriend would like a Forties hat for her birthday but the he doesn’t even know where to start looking. No worries Bhav, Lauren Cooke has got you covered.

What a lovely challenge! Forties hats, as well as being hugely fashionable at the moment, simply feature some of the best hat design of the 20th century.

The fantastic skullcap style of the Twenties gradually evolved into felt-based shapes and a more dramatic silhouette, so for Forties hats think decadent feathers, exotic twists and flowing shapes . Your girlfriend is definitely on trend, so let’s find her a vintage classic.

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4 Responses

  1. Bhav


    Thanks A LOT!!! This is a really good article and I’m LOVING these hat suggestions. My only issue now is which one do I go for?!

    Hmmm lemme see what will look good on her….

    Thanks again, great article!

  2. Olenka

    Hi, I’ve got a challange for you. I am getting married this summer and want to wear a vintage veil; no idea what’s out there or what style I want, can you help?

    thanks! Olenka