Do you know your snifter from your highball? Vintage drinkers certainly made having a tipple into a delicious art form through an appreciation of the importance of drinking from the correct glass. Today’s rushed lifestyle however, sees many of us guilty of swashing our sherry out of shot glasses, and glugging our grog out of beakers. So if you’d like to put a little more couth into your cocktail and recapture some of the elegance of entertaining, Tara Gardner has this handy guide to glassware – a must-read for all discerning drinkers.

The Cocktail Glass

Affectionately known by some as the ‘Martini’ glass, and well known for being the stylish vessel of the legendary Cosmopolitan cocktail, this glass simply screams elegance. In its classic art deco shape, the glass has a cone shaped bowl and delicate stem above a flat base. The stem allows the drinker to strike a pose with the glass at their leisure without compromising the temperature of the drink.

And once you’ve sipped the delights from this gorgeous glass, you’ll never look back!

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The Snifter

With a delightful name like this, how could this glass be anything but effortlessly elegant? It’s little wonder then that this is the Rolls Royce of glassware, playing host to the most refined and noble of all drinks, Brandy. Sometimes known as a Balloon, the snifter is a shorter stemmed glass with a wide bowl flowing into a narrower top, above a flat base.

Taking its name from the savouring of the sweet Brandy aroma, this is a glass just crying out to be cradled for hours. By caressing the glass at the tip of the stem your hand gently warms the Brandy, releasing the flavours, and the scent. For maximum sophistication, a snifter should never be filled more than 1/3 full.

The snifter should be brought out after a meal, and once the Brandy is poured, leave to stand for a while before drinking. Remember to avoid citrus fruits as these can spoil the flavour of the Brandy.

Have a snifter yourself with these great glasses

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4 Responses

  1. Jo West

    Loved your articled on glasses.
    Surprised that you say not to wash your Brandy glasses with soap. I have a collection of Waterford Crystal and always give them a final rinse in clean water with a few spoons of vinegar.
    They still look good after 20 years.

  2. Jo West

    Sorry, I should have said Champagne as this is the one that you mentioned not to wash with soap but does this apply to Brandy glasses as well. Both glasses would appear to be lead crystal.

  3. Donna at Retro and Co

    Thank you Tara! Now I know! Such an informative article – I can now tweek the info on my glass collection at Retro & Co and appear well informed and so clever!! More please. Good Health!