The Fabulous Miss K: I recently (well yesterday) bought a Fifties cocktail cabinet complete with glass doors and light that comes on when you open it. It is sitting in my cocktail lounge, which is really the lean-to in my little two-up-two down terrace house, but along with a radio gram and two G-Plan chairs it looks rather fabulous.

I love a good cocktail as all vintage gals do, but I can’t be doing with these new mixes with loads of fruit and cream – give me an old fashion classic cocktail.

As the party season is approaching fast I thought that I would give you the recipes forĀ  five of my favourite tipples:

Martini – in Bond Style Shaken not Stirred – shake 3 parts gin to 1 part vermouth then serve in a chilled glass – garnish with an olive or lemon peel.

Bellini – a classic from Harry’s Bar in Venice – put the peach juice and lemon juice into a flute (you can buy peach puree from many supermarkets now) then pour over champagne or processco and garnish with a peach slice.

Manhattan – the classic whiskey cocktail – shake bourbon, dry vermouth and bitters with syrup from the maraschino cherry garnish pour into a glass, add a cherry and orange peel as garnish.

Sidecar – the story goes it was invented in Paris during WWI for an American army officer who was feeling poorly (he used to ride around Paris in a motorcycle sidecar – hence the name?). Mix together cognac, cointreau and lemon juice with a lemon twist for garnish.

Gimlet – apparently recommended by naval surgeons to sailors to help fight off scurvy and get their vitamin C (see cocktails ARE good for you), shake lime juice and gin over ice and serve with a twist of lime.

Now that I have my cocktail cabinet, I am going to hunt for some lovely vintage glasses to drinkĀ  my tipple from – you can always find single glasses in charity shops, car boot sales and fleamarkets – they don’t have to match as I think it is chic to have a variety of colours and styles to serve you drinks from. Also look for fun accessories such as retro cocktail sticks – I have some great ones from the Fifties – or coasters to sit your glass on.

Cin Cin!

The Fabulous Miss K is Karen James Welton, a freelance stylist with 20 years experience in fashion and beauty. Based in Norwich, she works both locally and in London. She is the former fashion editor of Urbane Magazine, has worked with Life Matters EEN, the Iceini Guide and is a writer and stylist for Vintage Life Magazine.

She currently runs styling vintage styling workshops and shopping trips and organises fashion shows, fairs and events.

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  1. CherryT

    Wow, those cocktails sound fabulous! Would be lovely to see some pictures of your cabinet too! xxx