VV Brown (5)British singer Vanessa ‘VV’ Brown not only has an amazing vintage look but also the voice and talent to make it to the top of the charts. Named ‘artist to watch in 2009’ by the Los Angeles Times and The Independent, VV released her debut album, Travelling Like The Light, in July 2009.  We caught up with her to chat about her vintage style, style icons and her latest venture – her own vintage shop.

Lena Weber for QueensOfVintage.com: VV, you have quite a distinct vintage look, what’s the inspiration behind it?

VV Brown: Mainly the Fifties and iconic collections from the past. I mix and match, whatever I feel really.

QoV: Have you always been into vintage?

VV Brown: Yes for ethical, practical and fashionable reasons. It contributes to uniqueness perfectly.

QoV: Your Forties hair style is amazing! Do you do your own hair?

VV Brown: I do. I have it down to an art now!

QoV: Who are your vintage style icons?

VV Brown: Betty Page, Forties Hollywood actress Dorothy Dandridge and pin up models.
whitehatQoV: Where do you shop for vintage?

VV Brown: My own shop VV Vintage of course! But also at Relik, Absolutley Vintage, eBay –  all over really.

QoV: We love your new vintage shop, do you source all the items sold on there?

VV Brown: Yes, well I did. But it takes time so I’ve hired someone to do it now.

QoV: What sets it apart from other vintage shops?

VV Brown: Vintage shops are very similar to each other really. I guess my shop shows my own personal tastes,  reflecting my style.

QoV: What’s your favourite piece on sale there at the moment?

VV Bown:  There was a suede jacket on there I love but it has just sold.

QoV:  If you are completely new to vintage, what’s the first item one should buy?

VV Brown: I don’t know. That’s the beauty of vintage it’s about whatever catches your eye. Start with being adventurous!

2 Responses

  1. Miss Millie

    Not really anything to do with this interview per se (I love reading QoV!) but after having a peek at the VV Vintage shop I was more than a little disappointed. I wouldn’t say that it’s vintage boutique pieces (but maybe they’re Dior or something, what do I know) and it’s vastly over priced as most of the clothes on sale look like they could have been found down the local Oxfam (nothing wrong with charity shops at all, love them in fact, but £50 for a polyester shirt?).

    I’m not trying to bad mouth VV, I think her style and music is great, I guess I just get slightly annoyed that buying second hand gets exploited by people knowing that they can charge way too much just because an item of clothing is labeled vintage.

    Ok, rant over ; )

  2. stacy

    i am digging the hell out of your pink/purple shoes!the heels r perfect,not 2high.where would i b able 2find them or a pair similar 2them?