London-based vintage hair and make-up stylists Lipstick and Curls specialise in looks from the Twenties to the Sixties.  We’ve caught up with owner Amanda Moorhouse to chat vintage style icons, the merits of a good beehive and the must-have beauty product for any vintage lover. How did you get into vintage and which eras do you prefer yourself?

Amanda Moorhouse: I have been into vintage and everything retro for sometime now, probably around 18 years. It all started for me when I was a student. Wearing vintage clothes was an affordable way of stepping outside of mainstream fashion trends and finding my own image. Clothes were incredibly cheap and there was a joy in finding classic items.

I have a real love of the  Fifties. This is reflected in my image and nearly everything that surrounds me at home! I also love the strong styling from the Twenties and Thirties. I find not only beauty but most objects form these periods were so desirable.

QoV: Do you have any vintage style icons?

Amanda: Mmm there are so many, to name a few…Louise Brooks, a pioneer for the Twenties silhouette. A classic icon with a strong image that has inspired the decades to follow, the sharp bob, the black smokey eyes and not to mention her stunning beauty!

Elizabeth Taylor, a true star and for me an icon of her age, her curvy silhouette, heavy eyes and perfectly painted mouth make her one of Hollywood’s true starlet’s.

The Notorious Betty Page! Her iconic style is one of the most distinct. A beauty with a unique image, Betty was a controversial star adored by men and loathed by women. We now all celebrate her image and continue to replicate her style.

Esther Williams is finally a huge favorite of mine. With her polished image and style she was undoubtedly a true American icon. Her style was simple but flawless; I love her so much I even named my daughter after her!

QoV: What made you set up Lipstick and Curls?

Amanda: I worked in fashion and media for 12 years prior to establishing Lipstick and Curls. I was very interested in film and often researched back though the archives to find inspiration for my work. With a love of all things vintage I enjoyed the London vintage scene and became more aware of the need for vintage glamor in our modern day lives, the company just grew organically. I now specialize in vintage styling and continue to work in fashion and media. It is great to have a focus and research back through the decades.. I unearth something new every day!!! Also, as I have a passion for the Fifties, I wanted the company to reflect this and add an element of this into its image and style.

QoV: What are your top three vintage hairstyles from across the decades?

Amanda: The short sculpted styles of the Twenties. The hair was cut short and shaped around the jaw accentuating the jawline. Opposite to styling in the decades to follow, styles were waved flat to the head and without any volume at all. Some of the most creative styles come from this era, fashions were decadent and flamboyant and this was reflected in the hair and make up of the era.

The Classic Forties/Fifties set! This was such an iconic style yet probably one of the hardest to recreate. Most of our vintage beauties only washed there hair once a week and had more time to rag and role their hair, they wouldn’t think twice about heading into town shopping wearing curlers and a head scarf. Brushed out and shaped you have a wonderful style made famous by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth.

The Beehive is another favorite of mine and a style that I find so satisfying to create. A classic ‘up do’ from the late Fifties, early Sixties which includes a LOT of backcombing to achieve. I love this style as every time I do it, I do something different, you can be so creative with a beehive and the end result feels like a work of art!

QoV: What is your top make-up tip to a vintage newbie?

Amanda: ‘Bold is beautiful’ most vintage styles are stronger and more defined, however the classic vintage images we know and love are vibrant and beautiful.  I know so many ladies that were unsure about wearing a strong red lipstick and who now consider it an everyday essential. I am always happy to give one-to-one advise to anyone wanting to experiment with a new look or product. Questions and emails are always welcome!!

QoV: Are there any products you couldn’t live without?

Amanda: HAIRSPRAY! The essential tool for all vintage styling. A bristle hairbrush, red lippy, foundation and brow pencil are close behind on the list!

QoV: What are your plans for 2012?

Amanda: Yes lots of great plans for 2012! Lipstick and Curls have lots of new and exciting things in the pipeline and want to continue with our growing success. At present we are having a bit of a make-over and are about to launch a new and improved website which will highlight all our services and also show some of our new ones!. We also plan to hold more fairs and events across the UK spreading some vintage glamour.