Gripping BBC drama The Hour has just finished its second series run, much to our disappointment – we want more! The drama centres around a team of journalists and broadcasters working for the BBC in late Fifties Britain, who in series two investigate a web of vice and corruption in Soho. As a consolation to our withdrawal symptoms we have caught up with The Hour star Lisa Greenwood, who plays giggly yet feisty production secretary Sissy Cooper. The second series of The Hour has just finished – what was it like to portray Sissy Cooper again?

Lisa Greenwood: Sissy is an amazing character to play. I hold the character quite close to my heart as I associated myself quite a lot with her in the beginning – young, Eastender just starting out at the BBC! I love playing her.

QoV: How has your character developed since the first series?

Lisa Greenwood: She’s fallen head over heels in love this season and we see her growing up quite a bit! She’s not as naive. Sissy has a think on her feet attitude, so we see her constantly growing more and more confident with her role in the office

QoV: The Hour has such excellent set design, costumes and hair and make-up – did you ever feel properly transported back to the 1950s?

Lisa Greenwood: Yes completely! I’ve found that costume, hair and makeup really help you to get into a character. I love looking in the mirror and not recognising myself anymore, it helps a lot with performance. We filmed in a town hall and nearly every room was converted into different parts of the set. It was like stepping back in time! It was amazing.

QoV: Is Sissy’s 1950s style very different from your own – and would you ever be tempted to incorporate 50s style into your own wardrobe?

Lisa Greenwood: I’m so eclectic with style and find myself picking inspiration for clothes from everything and anything but I have noticed I incorporate a lot of 50s trends into my style now. More structured dresses, and for evenings I always do the red lips and eyeliner flick. I love it!

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