Sixties-inspired duo The Travellers – consisting of Italian Gemma and Anglo-Swedish Robert.P – met while travelling,  hence the name. The combination of the cultural experiences, landscapes seen, as well as their love for Sixties and Seventies psychedelia, groove and rock paved the way for their new and unique sound. We’ve chatted to singer Gemma to find out a little more about her love for the Sixties and which Sixties bands she thinks everyone should know.

QueensOfVintage: How did you get into singing?

Gemma: I always loved singing. When I was four I remember I used to put my head inside the washing machine to listen to my voice with a metallic reverb !
I took piano lessons when I was nine and started to play in different bands when I was 15.

QoV: How did you get into vintage?

Gemma: I have always been fascinated by the old movies, I’ve always wanted to know how people lived before and how women dressed, this is why I got into vintage.  I studied interior design, and I love to recreate and live in the past.

QoV: Your sound and look is both very Sixties – what fascinates you about this decade?

Gemma: I love the Sixties – I genuinely think all the good music comes from that period, the sound is very organic, you cannot compare it with the sound of today. When I met Robert, the guitarist of our band, we both loved the same music and era.  Sixties design and clothes are very inspiring,  some of the decade’s innovative designers still influence fashion today.

QoV: Tell us about your vintage shopping habits. Any particular brands you like?

Gemma: I love Biba, Pierre Cardin, Courrèges,  YSL, Mary Quant, Ossie Clark, and Pucci for his colorful psychedelic prints.  I do wear vintage everyday and have a very big collection of vintage clothes and shoes, some from my mum and for the rest I love shopping around SouthLondon and Paris,  but I make the best deals on the internet on eBay or Etsy  !

QoV: What are your top five 60s bands everyone should know?

Gemma:  The Moody Blues, The Attack,  Shocking Blue , The Creation and I love The Ronettes. I’m also a big fan of Dusty Springfield  and Emma Peel  !