Candice DeVille head shot by PhotojgraphShe’s one of Australia’s biggest vintage bloggers with thousands of fans from all over the world following her style musings. Candice DeVille, otherwise known as Super Kawaii Mama, gives us all the details about her blog, life as a vintage loving mother, the Australian vintage scene and her top vintage beauty tips.

QueensOfVintage: When did you set up your blog Super Kawaii Mama and why?

Candice DeVille: I first started the Super Kawaii Mama blog in Feb 2008.  I wasn’t too familiar with blogs other than being a reader of a some, but I really enjoyed reading about these real people and their lives.  The blog started out of both late night boredom – I was at home with a six month old baby – and also from a sense of frustration.

I live in a suburb of Melbourne, which tends to mean that no one ever “dresses up” unless they have a special occasion.  So I found that with my style and taste I was always attracting attention, and that wasn’t always the positive kind. 

In fact, after being told by someone that dressing the way I did wasn’t okay because I had children and shouldn’t be concerned with such selfish things (to paraphrase her much more insulting words), I decided to start the blog as a way to show that it IS possible to live a glamorous life as well as being a mum.  Even more than that, that is was possible to live this way without a team of assistants and a huge bank account.

The name for the blog “ Super Kawaii Mama”, gets a lot of questions as it certainly doesn’t have a vintage ring to it. I LOVE my vintage, but I also draw a lot of inspiration from Japanese street styles… so it just.. appeared one day

QoV: What is Kawaii?

Candice DeVille: It is Japanese for “cute”. I have spent quite a lot of time travelling in Asia over the years and the one thing people always said is that I was “cute”! Must be the big eyes.

QoV: How did you get into vintage?

Candice DeVille: Vintage for me was a way of life before it was even termed “vintage”. My collection began when I was about 12, when my Grandmother started handing down some of her more precious pieces to me to wear and keep.  She lived through the depression so had a strong sense of hoarding, and had kept some amazing pieces, even from her childhood. As a result, I always had a great respect for vintage and took it as a personal mission to liberate pieces wherever I found them.  So now I have been collecting for over 20 years and have a collection that takes up three wardrobes!

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2 Responses

  1. Sheila Brady

    Perfect Vintage looks. Congratulation and thanks for sharing your tips. My love is Vintage hats, but, find them difficult to position. Perhaps, I wash my hair too often. Will try leaving it for a few days at a time. Oh, how I wish I could look like you.!

  2. Lady Carmen

    Candice dahling you look divine and whomever criticized your lovely vintage look was obviously quite jealous of you. It takes courage to dress as an elegant lady these days and your children will benefit from the glamour you bring into our increasingly drab, unisex, ugly blue jeans, flip flops and baseball cap world.