If you’re looking for fun tutorials on how do retro Forties or Fifties inspired pin-up make-up you’ve come to the right place. Here are four video tutorials for dark skin tones, Asian skin tones, pale skin tones and olive skin tones for your inspiration.

Dark skin tones

dark skin

Check out Diva’s fab video how-to on how to do pin-up make up for darker skin tones. Her video also includes a full list of all the products she used. Plus how great does her hair flower look?

 Asian skin tones

asian skin

Palafoxxia has this fantastic Forties make-up tutorial for Asian skin tones. I think she really nailed the look!

Pale skin tones

pale skin

Make-up guru Lisa Eldridge has this fantastic tutorial for paler skin tones. She also includes a list of products used and has some really useful tips on how to apply your make-up like a pro.

Olive skin tones 

olive skin

Adrian Luna has this quick  retro make-up tutorial for olive skin tones. She’s included a list of all the products she’s used too.

Do you have a favourite YouTube pin-up make-up tutorial? Please do let me know!


2 Responses

  1. Jess

    Extremely disappointed that olive skin tone retro make-up tutorial is no longer available. When I am directed to the YouTube link it states “This Video Is Private”. I even tried to do a search for Adrian Luna and she doesn’t appear on YouTube’s search list. After an extensive web search your site was the first and only that stated retro make-up tutorial for olive skin. Only to be let down… I hope that at some time your site will have one for olive skin tones. But in the meantime I recommend deleting from your website.

    • Jess

      I basically got the same response for Asian skin tones from YouTube. It stated “Video No Longer Available”
      Think it may be time to update your web