Marilyn Monroe is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable film stars of all time, and photographs of her at premiers or still images of her films continue to pop up everywhere. If you are looking for rarer images of her, here are three sites that all feature images of Marilyn you might have never seen before.

1) Check out this amazing Flickr set by Harald Haefker – from shots of Marilyn relaxing on the beach to studio images shot by Earl Theisen this is a fantastic collection of images featuring Marilyn the film star as well as Marilyn the private person.

2) Do you know Dr Macro? It’s one of my favourite sites ever, featuring thousands of film scans, often hand coloured. The gallery of Marilyn scans contains some super rare images I had not come across anywhere else.

3) To celebrate Marilyn’s birthday, The Times put together a fab gallery of 85 very rare Monroe images. My favourite is number 18, a previously unpublished image of Marilyn at the beginning of her career.

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