lead3The ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ event at Vintage For Sale on London’s Brick Lane last weekend offered a shopping concept to please the thriftiest vintage consumer: rather than paying for individual items, shoppers paid by the bag. which they could fill with as much loot as possible. Rose Cooper-Thorne went along to have a look and do a bit of shopping.

Running all weekend, we went to the event’s early ‘preview evening’ on Friday in hope of getting the best bits before the masses had a chance to strip the store bare. We were half expecting a typical ‘sample sale’ atmosphere of fierce elbows and snatching, but happily arrived to find a smiley and friendly crowd rifling through row upon row of good-quality vintage. The only trouble seemed to be how we were going to fit it all into our bag.

vintage-2My friend and I opted to share a £20 bag, in which we managed to cram, wait for it, five dresses, four shirts, five skirts, two pairs of boots, three bags, two belts, four scarves, a bow tie, two crop tops, a pair of jeans and a jumper.

In the absence of a changing room, we just plonked things in without worrying how the clothes might fit, and as a result came away with some rather daring purchases which we would almost certainly not have experimented with had we had a chance to um and aah. It’s also thrown up plenty of welcome sewing projects to work on, as many of the items will need altering and adjusting.

This is the fourth time ‘Vintage for Sale’ has put on one of these events, and it was certainly their best yet, with hand-picked stock selected by someone with a good vintage eye. Check out their myspace page for the next event, and see you there.


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  1. Catherine

    I absolutely loved this sale and got some amazing things. Does anyone know of any similar events in london? As I cant wait for the next Pick and Mix!!!