3168513566_2b7ff3308aOn 9 November 2009 Germany celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  While a lot of discussion surrounding East Germany rightfully centers around political repression, the Stasi (East German secret police) and the shocking escape attempts of East Berliners, it is important to also remember the lighter sides of East German culture. Our Berlin correspondent Holly Fletcher has five top tips for experiencing vintage Eastern Berlin.

The term ‘Ostalgie’ refers to a nostalgia for life in the former Eastern Germany –  a life filled with Soviet-chic fashion, Trabant cars, Spreewald pickles, and summer camps for young Communist pioneers.

East Berlin (the former capital of East Germany) is a fantastic place to explore Ostalgie addresses – be them fascinating works of architecture, glamorous ballrooms or cozy restaurants. Listed below are a collection of my favorite Ostalgie addresses in Berlin:

13601. Bar in der Karl Marx Allee

A former East German beauty parlor turned bar! An enormous glass cube structure with incredible cocktails and a sexy Sixties vibe. I love to style a bouffant, put on some red lipstick and meet the girls here.

Upstairs the old beauty treatment rooms have been converted to lounges.



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  1. Jennifer

    This article brings back my own ostalgie for a trip to Berlin early this year. There is nothing like Bar in der Karl Marx Allee on a rainy night. What about those Trabant tours? I didn’t get a chance to take one last trip — are they interesting?