Learn how to get a Thirties Mignon, a ‘Bridget Bardot’ and a Fifties-inspired rockabilly style at this online class with The Amazings, a website promoting  younger people learning new skills from an older generation.

The Amazings is a concept I really love: older people teach a younger generation new skills, which can be anything from gardening to how to play the ukulele. With the addition of new online classes, this skill exchange is now available to anyone anywhere. The one online class I’m keen on trying is the retro hair workshop with Michael, a celebrity hairdresser and style writer.

In his online course, he teaches how to create a Thirties Mignon, a ‘Bridget Bardot’ and a Fifties-inspired rockabilly style. The course itself will give you access to his tutorial videos, online chat with your classmates, Michael’s notes and personalised feedback – you can contact Michael for style advice tailored to your hair, personality and occasion.

The class is only £12 (access forever) and best of all Amazings founder Adil promises to give you a refund if you’re not happy with it: “If you don’t like it, I personally promise to refund your money. In fact, I’d be delighted if you enroll in the class, hate it, tell me what we can do to make it better, and then get your money back. Obviously, I hope we got it right first time, but any feedback is better than no feedback. ”

It sounds well worth a try!