Princess Pin Curls: Many people tell me that they adore my vintage look, and they often go on to say they would love to wear vintage themselves but don’t know where to start.This makes me sad as I believe that anyone can and should be able to wear vintage clothes. When starting out, people often have a vague idea of the look they like but not necessarily the know-how to achieve it. I always recommend two things to such people: reading vintage blogs/ books and attending vintage fairs.

Vintage fairs and markets are a great place to find vintage clothes, shoes, hats, bags, gloves and other accessories. Whilst they all offer the opportunity to shop, some fairs go further and offer a total vintage experience incorporating entertainment and education. The US and the UK are lucky enough to have fairs like Viva Las Vegas and Goodwood which incorporate live music and dancing over a whole weekend.

Here in Australia, we don’t have anything as spectacular as these massive events but we are lucky enough to host the Love Vintage Shows, throughout our East Coast cities. The Love Vintage Show incorporates live talks, fashion parades and demonstrations throughout a whole weekend. These demos are conducted by people who have had a lifelong devotion to vintage clothes, hair and their talks are filled with wonderful insider knowledge.

If you are in the market for something a bit more exotic, the charming Foxtrot India entertains and edifies regarding the art and history of burlesque. If you are feeling game you can even volunteer to learn a few moves for yourself by volunteering to be her assistant!

The Love Vintage Show should be viewed as a whole day event, we always arrive right on opening and we don’t leave until the very, very end. We shop, then we watch a few of the shows, shop some more, stop for lunch (and perhaps a glass of bubbly) and then shop some more.  These little pit stops are a good way to take stock of purchases, re-assess shopping lists and decide which stalls MUST be revisited. It is also the perfect time to do a little people watching, to admire other vintage outfits, hats or hair do’s.

Whilst on the topic of personal styling – if you’re not sure how to style your hair, pop over and visit the girls at the Lindy Charm School who do fabulous vintage hairstyling at the shows. They specialize in mini hair make-overs that will have you looking your very best in no time and give you that all important vintage panache. If you want to learn how to style a similar look for yourself, you can book in for one of their workshops which show you how to recreate the look at home.

If you’re not confident sporting vintage around your local shopping centre you can be free to do so here. You can wear your hats, gloves and furs without receiving a second glance (unless of course it is from someone admiring your style). You can fluff up your fullest of full crinolines, set the seam of your stockings straight and strut your vintage stuff with confidence. I like to wear my vintage on a daily basis but these vintage shows provide the perfect place to pull out all stops and wear those special pieces.

What I like best about the show is that you have the opportunity to chat to so many like-minded people. The stall holders are all extremely knowledgeable and are happy to help with identifying a product era or suggestions on how to wear /repair.

It is a great way to meet vendors that specialise in different eras such as Victorian, Art Deco, Forties to Fifties or Sixties to Seventies in your area. It also brings out traders who deal in high-end goods and are usually available by appointment only, affording a rare opportunity to see top shelf vintage labels and limited editions.

I always manage to find one or two special (what I would call investment) pieces. At this spring Vintage Show I bought a beautiful navy blue Forties jacket with rhinestone lapel detail.

It also provides the opportunity to purchase harder to find accessory pieces – there are very few other places where I can find just the right shade of gloves to match “that” dress or to match “this” hat.

So, whether you’re a hard-core vintage girl or just politely interested in “that vintage lark”, I suggest you get down to one of the Love Vintage Shows near you.  For all of you gals from Northern hemisphere, I highly recommend checking out what Vintage Shows are in your area and get out there and join in all the fun.

Princess Pin Curls is Shauna, who lives in a leafy suburb in Melbourne, Australia. She shares her little home with her two beautiful children, her very own Prince Charming and a fat little doggy named Misty.

Shauna loves all things vintage ; hats, gloves, petticoats,corsets, jewellery, furs, hair accessories, silk flower belts…the list goes on and on. She also love ‘new vintage’- well crafted reproduction pieces.