If you like mid-century design you will have probably come across Cathrineholm, the colourful enamel cookware with its trademark lotus pattern design. You could be forgiven to think the name refers to a designer – Cathrine Holm – but interestingly Cathrineholm was an ironworks near the town of Halden in Norway, which started production in 1907.

Originally, the company mainly manufactured wrought iron products and agricultural equipment, but due to changing economic circumstances it later evolved into producing enamel kitchenware until it closed in 1970.

Inexpensive and with its fun patterns and colours, the cookware was popular all over Scandinavia and America throughout the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies. The company’s chief designer, Grete Prytz Kittelsen, was interestingly not the person behind the famous lotus patter. As the story goes, Arne Clausen, one of the workers at Cathrineholm, came up with the pattern and it was added to Kittlesen’s designs without her approval. Reportedly, she was never a fan of it.

You can find Cathrineholm cookware on eBay and Etsy. Prices start at around £30.

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  1. Mary Taus

    I had a set of the covered saucepans? my ex mother in law gave me in the 70’s. She told me where they were from and they were expensive. I used them for many years.