60s_KatieFraubraun Vintage is a new online vintage shop, which stands out with its ultra modern website and concept of hosting one-off selling events. Queens editor Lena went along to meet Stefanie Braun, the woman behind the shop, to talk vintage and chat about their shared experience of growing up loving vintage in Germany. Plus we’re giving away free tickets to her launch party!

Lena: We’re both originally from Germany but have been living  in London for ages. I always felt that the whole concept of vintage is quite alien to most Germans. I was certainly asked all the time why I would voluntarily wear old and used clothes. What was it like for you growing up in Munich and being interested in vintage?

Stefanie: There really is this strange conservatism in Germany when it comes to vintage. I remember buying the most amazing Thirties dress for my grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary when I was 16. It fit like a glove and I absolutely loved it but nobody else seemed to share my enthusiasm. Vintage really has this stigma in Germany of being second-hand and old.

40s_SukiLena: What made you want to become a vintage seller?

Stefanie: I travel a lot which means that I get the chance to go to flea markets and car boot sales all over the world. I’ve always bought vintage pieces that fascinate me, whether they are my size or not, so I’ve got a huge collection. I started off by lending vintage clothes to friends and styling them for parties and last year decided to have my own shop.






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