From Doctor Who to Hollywood starlet, Carey Mulligan has never been hotter thanks to her effortless screen presence and of course, her savvy sense of style. Drawing comparisons to the great Audrey Hepburn, Carey has steadily made her way up the career ladder and in doing so, established herself as something of a fashion icon too. Laura Terry takes a look at Carey’s vintage inspired style.

These days being a Hollywood leading lady goes hand in hand with being a trend setter, but Carey’s taken this one step further with her retro vintage look that has a distinctively modern edge. Although she was already famous on the small screen, her true style potential only really became known when she was nominated for a string of awards, including an Oscar for her role in An Education.

Suddenly, we were treated to a spectacular fashion feast for the eyes as Carey brought out frock after vintage frock to wow on the red carpet. Coupled with the cute pixie crop and elfin good looks, a style icon was born.

Her versatility and lack of vanity is what makes her so appealing, as she had no fear when chopping off her long locks for the now infamous crop, simply because her hair had become so dry from her previous role. They needed her to be a peroxide babe and ever the professional, Carey hit the bottle!

After a brief flirtation with a mousey crop, she went dark for the Golden Globes, only to then wow with a new blonde ‘do at the Academy Awards. Coupled with an elegant Prada strapless dress and platforms, Carey cemented herself as one of the best dressed women in the world.

Although many people compare her style to the legendary Ms Hepburn’s, there’s a definite sense of other vintage icons making an appearance in her fashion choices. Most notably Twiggy seems to be an influence recently with her ditsy print and baby doll dresses.

Her Cannes look was also hailed as a style triumph as she championed cute tailored trousers, oversized shades, elegant heels and – of course – a glitzy Peter Pan collared dress, which arguably stole the show at her premiere.

A real girly girl with a boyish twist, who champion’s vintage- this girl’s fashion star is most definitely set to carry on rising in the next few years. Remember you heard it here first!

2 Responses

  1. Kiri

    I love her, she’s adorable. I remember seeing her in Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley a few years ago, then she became big and I was like, hey, I know that girl! 🙂

  2. Jaclyn McKewan

    Interesting – when I read the line about her being in Doctor Who, I looked at her photo again and tried to figure out if I had seen her. I didn’t recognize her at all, so I checked Wikipedia, and found that she had been in the Doctor Who episode “Blink,” my absolute favorite episode of the revised series. She had long blonde hair in that one – it’s amazing how different someone can look with a change in hair!