If you wear your hair in a pre-Sixties style, pin-curling your hair is a relatively easy way of setting it. New gadet, The Sculpture Pin Curler, aims to make the curling even easier.

The Curler is essentially a plastic tube with tiny ‘teeth’ on both ends. You simply hook the end of your hair into the teeth, roll up and then slide off the curl and pin. Yes it’s that easy and gets you a perfect pin curl each and every time.

To make thing even easier, the pack comes with two Curlers in different sizes so you can easily achieve differently sized curls.

Vintage newbies will also find the two wonderfully illustrated booklets useful that you get as part of the package. They not only explain how to use the Curlers but also give advice on which setting agent to use and explain the difference between various pin curl styles and even suggest a few setting patterns.

A very useful gadget for anyone new to vintage hair styles or regular pin curlers – although the price is a little steep.

The Sculpture Pin Curler costs $35 and ships from Australia.

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