52198991An exceptional collection of artwork created by world renowned British photographer, Terry O’Neill, will be on exhibition through Getty Images Gallery at Westfield London from today, 7 July until 3 August. O’Neill’s incredible archive includes photos of film stars, musicians and sports personalities.

With a career spanning more than 45 years, O’Neill’s reputation grew during the Sixties, and in addition to photographing showbiz icons, such as Judy Garland, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Muhammad Ali, he also photographed members of the British Royal Family, and several prominent politicians, showing a more natural and human side than had usually been portrayed before.

His works entice the viewer into the picture, allowing them to appreciate the beauty of iconic celebrities. His exceptional compositions and brilliance in his use of black and white photography keep the audience engaged in every aspect of the shot and he attracted attention for photographing his subjects in unconventional or candid settings.

O’Neill explains: “I was working on films for two or three weeks at a time and that way I got friendly with the stars and spent as much time as I could with them.  This meant I got an insight into my subjects as real people and not just as icons.  I think this dimension is really interesting, particularly with photographers’ access to celebrities being limited more and more.”

The show also includes the famous color and black and white shots of previous-girlfriend Faye Dunaway taken on March 29, 1977, lounging next to the swimming pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel the morning after winning the Academy Award for Best Actress and Clint Eastwood reading a newspaper with his feet up in a mobile home between takes on a film set.

Gallery opening: 
Mon-Sat: 12.00-19.00 
Sun:        12.00-18.00 
Admission free.

Getty Images Gallery, The Village First Floor, Westfield London, W12