Charlotte Sterland
 went on a mission to check out a new event, the Lipstick and Curls vintage hair and make-up masterclass at Bordello, one of London’s leading  lingerie shops. So was it worth it?

Run by the Lipstick and Curls girls, who are brilliantly turned out, the evening promises plenty of fun. In the back half of the shop, the changing rooms have been transformed into a pristine salon. Lemon and ginger beverages in hand, we go and sit down to kick off the evening, which starts nicely with cake as it is someone’s birthday.

Then the Forties hair class begins. We are carefully taken through the steps involved in creating an ‘up do’, with lots of handy tips, in particular which brushes and tongs to use, how hairspray is the key to holding any style, and how curls should be well brushed and pinned if they are going to stay. After a break to look around and make purchases in the shop, the make up demonstration takes place on the birthday girl.

The Lipstick and Curls girls show us how to do vintage eyes and lips, in particular how to bring out the arch of the eyebrow and how to apply eyeliner with pencil, brush and liquid. We also discuss false eyelashes, glues, and how in the Forties it was fashionable to use lip liner to create a new shape for the lips, not just for an outline.

Overall it was a pleasant evening with lots of tips and ideas to take away. With goody bags, drinks and chocolates, the £45 charge doesn’t seem so steep. It’s a shame not to be able to be more hands on at a class like this, but the demonstrations were so enjoyable that people were happy to watch and learn.

lipstick and curlsI spoke with the fantastic Lipstick and Curls double act, Amanda and Natasha afterwards.