116QueensOfVintage.com offers you the chance to escape the doom and gloom with Whoopee’s Naughty North Vs Sexy South Tournament Of Tease.

This May, Whoopee Productions, the UK’s leading authority on new variety, cabaret and burlesque launches its Naughty North Vs Sexy South Tournament Of Tease. The contest, which will be open to the public and held at Whoopee’s London and Newcastle club nights, invites women of all shapes and sizes to take part and offers them a safe and friendly forum to express themselves via performance art.

Whoopee and Naughty North Vs Sexy South founder Lara says: “Burlesque doesn’t discriminate on the grounds of age, height or body size and offers an all-encompassing environment for all types of women.”

Already oversubscribed in Newcastle, the popularity of the club night is tantamount to burlesque’s sense of freedom and self-appreciation. Whoopee organisers speculate: “With its theatrical and stylish nature, burlesque is perfect fantasy escapism for these current times we are living in.” Women are encouraged to enjoy and confidently present their bodies in a stylish and empowering tease routine. Never to be coupled with stripping, the art of burlesque has always been careful to stay on the right side of titillation.