I am lucky to have some very talented friends, and Irma aka The Vintage Dressmaker, is certainly one of the most talented people I know. Point in case, her uber cool new Twenties and Thirties inspired coat collection. The collection features three coats, all inspired by the Twenties or Thirties. Each coat is lovingly hand-made by Irma and is a complete one off as she only has enough fabric for one model. So if you’re favourite has already been snapped up, she can make you a bespoke model with your measurements and fabric ideas in mind.


The Louise – a mid-Twenties inspired wool coat with faux fur and cuffs.
This beautiful burgundy wool coat is inspired by the Roaring Twenties and has lovely low-waist art deco detailing and a large black faux fur collar and cuffs. It can be fastened two ways, creating the very typical deep V shape neckline closing low at the waistline with a black bakelite button, or for a more streamlined and vertical effect, with an identical button close to the neckline, both creating two very distinctive looks of the era.


The Nora – an early Thirties inspired wool coat with black faux fur collar.
This lovely charcoal grey and black textured wool coat with its beautiful black faux fur collar is very typical of the early Thirties with a real art deco feel. The geometric cut with inserted pockets down the seam line add to it’ timelessness.  It is closed with four round dark grey buttons and a belt with a Bakelite buckle. Lining is in black cotton sateen.

The Ida – a mid-Thirties inspired wool coat with bell sleeves.
This classic mid-Thirties inspired wool coat (with a mix of silk and mohair) has beautiful deep V-shape detailing down the front and at the back. With two butterscotch and brown Bakelite button details on the seam and on the bell sleeves, it can be fastened in two ways. Belt with Bakelite buckle. Lined with dark beige cotton sateen.

All coats are available from today from The Vintage Dressmaker or via Etsy. Prices start at £350.

I have my eyes set on the Ida – swoon!


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  1. Magdalena

    I love the Nora best. What a gift to be able to sew. I tried once and failed miserably. I don’t have the patience. I envy people who can create such beautiful things.