You may not know her name or where she came from, but chances are you’ll know her face. “Tina” the mysterious and exotic painting by the equally mysterious J.H Lynch has graced our walls since her birth in the early Sixties. Part of  the world of mass market prints sold in outlets like Boots and Woolworth’s, Tina and the rest of Lynch’s overture of sultry babes were purchased in their thousands, becoming a household staple for the rest of the Sixties and Seventies. Amy Rosa reports.

In the last 20 years vintage ‘mass market art’ has emerged as key decoration for any vintage-inspired home with the choice ranging from green ladies to crying boys and the ever impending presence of  sad-eyed Spanish children baring down from many a junk shop wall and flea market stall. The right print, by the right artist, can often command prices of £100+, so it can prove expensive to find the perfect painting to adorn your walls.

Wide-eyed children might not be your cup of tea nor the supposedly cursed crying boy paintings (urban legend has it that unless you have both the crying boy and crying girl on your walls, your house will burn down). Tretchikoff and his ladies in hues of green and blue can prove pricey, ranging from £50 to well over £100. So if you want the sex appeal of a green lady and bags of kitsch chic without such a hefty price tag, J.H Lynch and his Tina could be perfect for you.

Little is known about British artist Joseph Henry Lynch (b. 1911) despite painting an image that has been part of the British psyche for the last 45 years. He died aged 78 in 1989 having destroyed many of his original paintings and donating what little was left to charity. It seems impossible to find any information about Lynch’s activities before the Sixties.

It’s known that Tina was painted in 1961, and three years later in 1964 she would go on sale in Boots in the UK. An instant hit, Tina has appeared in Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 cult classic A Clockwork Orangeand graced the cover of Edwyn Collin’s number four hit single “A Girl Like You” (1994).

Following Tina’s success Lynch produced more prints, all in the same style of a dusky maiden, often half dressed and surrounded by dark, lush greenery or the proverbial Mediterranean villa. The most well known include Nymph, Woodland Goddess and Lisa. It’s rumoured that the 1955 winner of “Most Beautiful Teenager in Great Britain”, Alexandra Moyens, was the model for Tina and many more of Lynch’s paintings. The painting “Autumn Leaves” bears an uncanny resemblance to Sixties model Jean Shrimpton.

So if you think a lovely Lynch lady is for you it’s worth browsing your local car boot sale, flea market and even eBay. You really shouldn’t expect to pay more than £40/£50 for the likes of Tina and other well known Sixties prints. Tina can be found with the original guilt frame, under glass or the more common cream frame. The glass version seems to be more prone to decolourisation and fading, but when in good condition becomes highly desirable amongst fans and collectors alike.

Best tip I can give is shop around, I’ve known “Tinas” to be had for as little as £1 at boot sales.

For more info on J.H Lynch and an extensive gallery check out

23 Responses

  1. shane

    The picture shown above, i have one and another one of tina posing in front of stone building with a ladder in it also are they worth much

  2. rod miller

    oh yes i forgot to ask how much is it worth it is in original frame

  3. joe

    I have been looking at these prints for a long time now but never seen Tina with a ladder anywhaere, it could be a rare one, if possible can i have a photo of the print thanks

  4. eltia

    i have the exact same pAINTING signed by LH Lynch and would like to sell it

    • George Landsberg

      I am looking for the Tina paintings.
      At what prize will you sell it .
      Let me know please

    • BUX

      Brigitte, I copy these paintings in oil. Always looking for more people to sell them on.

  5. ellie

    Hi my dad works in a scrap yard and he had this painting it was signed j h lynch you can tell its not a print and has a number on the back its of a women with dark hair in red does any one have any info on this would be very helpfull thanks

  6. Lisa

    got a painting of J.H.Lynch. would like to know the value bought from a charity shop.

    • Randy

      Yes I love to know how much a real Tina would bring in great shap :
      Really nice work : )

  7. josh

    ‘Discovered’ what i think are two lynch prints together, one is common ‘Tina’ the other ive not seen before but looks like tina in a different pose (not green dress) doesnt seem to feature in any gallery ive been able to access interested in exploreing its possible value/selling, thanks

  8. emily

    I’m not a fan of ‘Tina’ I find the fake jungle behind a little freaky, but i do have a gorgeous Louis Schabner by the name of ‘Sara’. We got her for nothing and apparently she’s worth about £150, even as a print. Not that it matters, were keeping her. My mum hates her, she says she saw too many of ‘those kind of prints’ growing up 🙁

  9. RJi

    Grew up with Tina hanging above the fireplace. My Dad loved her and I can’t wait to tell him his favourite girl is now worth a few quid. Wonder if she’s still hidden away somewhere in the loft?

      • Randy

        I like to know how much one of the real ones would go far $$
        She is very pretty :

        Thanks if anyone would like to send me a bid on the one I have.

  10. Alber

    I have Tina painting was singed j.h.lynch .
    I like to know how much is it worth

  11. Ari

    Does anyone else think ‘Tina’ has an uncanny resemblance to Kim Kardashian?

  12. Pete

    I have a Lynch with the girl behind a tree. It’s a print in a wood frame. Very nice indeed.

  13. nick

    I have 23 Lynch original paintings sourced via his daughter. He was born in Camden Town, London, trained at art school then worked in graphic design, he then set up a partnership later. He started his girls later on as a kind of hobby. In 1961 he was already 50.

    I have paintings by him of Nadia Comaneci and Bardot, a young girl possibly his daughter They are paintings not prints, the only print is a Tina, owned by the family since new, possibly the first of the run, colours are much bolder.

    • Leanne

      Wow. Would love to see those paintings. What a great collection to have Nick. And thanks for the added info on
      J H Lynch

  14. Lenore Bicknell

    I have a copy of Lynch print called ‘Karen’ I haven’t been able to find out anything about it. It was behind another painting. Do you know anything please?