Time Out: Yes we’re late, but that’s only because we care about how we look

Neandra Etienne’s earliest memory of Sindy is when she was about 10 years old. She’s been hooked on collecting the dolls and accessories ever since. Here she shares her amazing collection of Sindy dolls – all in amazing Seventies-inspired outfits.

When I was ten my cousin Ruth asked me what I would like for Christmas and I replied that I wanted a Sindy house. Unfortunately I never got my Sindy house, mainly because my mum never really approved of her. And even though I would collect bits of Sindy toys from jumble sales, I never actually really owned a Sindy doll. It was only when I joined eBay about four years ago that I started to collect her. To be honest I think that’s what partly drives me to buy her today, because I can.

It was my primary school friend Rita that first gave me the idea to start showing off my Sindy collection on flickr. Rita is a huge Barbie fan with a fabulous Eighties-themed flickr. I felt really inspired by hers so I decided to make a Sindy one. I came up with the idea of creating little stories after visiting the Sindy in the Sixties exhibition at the Museum of Childhood, where I got a chance to interview Helen, the lady who created the exhibition.

I had already collected the props that are featured, as I plan to have a totally vintage flat, so with Rita’s digital camera I shot the individual scenes in my garden. I loved the whole experience, I felt like David Bailey and Patricia Field all rolled into one. I’m so happy with how they’ve turned out and I’m very proud of what I have achieved.

2 Responses

  1. Lya de Putti

    LOVE IT! Cindy as a BRUNETTE though? I am shocked! I had a “Patches” doll too – wasn’t Patches Sindy’s tomboy sister or something? Actually, I think she “became” a tomboy when I cut all her hair off!

    I also loved “Pippa” dolls which were a bit smaller – they had very groovy 70s clothes too. Oh NO, I’ve just looked her up online – not another ebay obsession for me – help!!!

  2. Anne

    Sindy, I love her. This shows off my age but the only thing I have kept from my childhood is my 1960s Sindy Doll and her clothes. I’m inspired to get her out of the box and dress her up again. Thanks for the inspiration