When a vintage-loving girl meets a vintage-loving guy who shares her passion for all things Sixties and early Seventies and they decide to get married, you know it’s going to involve a lot of vintage. Which is exactly what happened at Queens’ editor Lena’s Seventies-inspired wedding.

I’ve never thought much about getting married – it just wasn’t that important to me – so consequently I’d never seriously given much thought to what my dream wedding day would look like. But as I fell in love with my boyfriend Colin and our relationship moved on, things changed and on New Year’s Day this year we just decided to go for it, there was no proposal, no ring, it was just a decision we took together.

We knew we didn’t want a big wedding, and the more we talked about wedding traditions, the more we realised they had little meaning to us, so we decided to keep our wedding a complete secret. It also meant we could organise it all really quickly, in just over three months, and had absolutely no stress – there were hardly any vendors to find, no guests to be accommodated, nothing. We didn’t tell anyone, not even our families, until after the ceremony.

We both love the Sixties and early Seventies so we naturally went for outfits that reflect the feel and look of those eras, it wasn’t a deliberate theme, just something that is part of our lives anyways.

I saw lots of Seventies wedding dresses online that I loved  but because there was so little time I didn’t want to risk the dress arriving late from overseas. In the end, I only tried on three wedding dresses, all by London-based designer Minna. I’d come across her at London Fashion Week years ago and had bought a few dresses from her before. I love the fact they are all handmade and include lots of vintage fabrics, so I knew she’d be perfect. I went to her studio and tried on a few samples. When I put on her Charlotta dress I just knew it was the one.

To finish off the outfit I bought some red velvet Topshop boots from eBay and decided to use a black Art Deco bag I’d bought off a friend a few years ago. Colin decided on a vintage Seventies-does-Thirties suit I’d bought him a few years ago as a birthday present.

I was really taken aback by the quotes I got from florists – a very simple spring flower bouquet and button-hole would have set us back over £200. I wasn’t really prepared to spend this much so we went to Columbia Road Flower Market the day before the wedding and spent £35 on flowers. I had enough to make my own bouquet, a smaller version for our witness, a button-hole and still had a huge vase with left-overs.

Inspired by one of my style icons Pamela des Barres, I really wanted a real flower headband, so I asked my friend Harriett of Lady Of The Flowers to make one for me. It stayed fresh the whole day.

As we didn’t have any guests we wanted to make sure we at least had some great photos of the ceremony we could show everyone. Our top choice was a friend of ours, Hanson Leatherby, who shares our love for vintage and takes the most amazing portraits. He also agreed to double as a witness!

Our only real expense on the day was the car who took us to the registry office. I did a google search on Seventies vintage cars for hire, and when I came across the singer Donovan’s Seventies Mercedes I knew it would be perfect. We’re both huge Beatles fans and to know George Harrison had been for rides in the same car, made it extra special.

On our wedding day we got ready together and headed to Islington Town Hall to meet Hanson and our only guest (and other witness) Rebecka, who had set us up on a blind date exactly three years before. I loved the fact that it was just us – when we said our vows we really just said them to each other – there was no need to ‘perform’ for anyone or worry about what other people might be thinking.

Straight after the ceremony the car drove us to London Bridge Station where we hopped on the next train to Brighton. On the train ride we called our families and close friends and told them we’d just gotten married. Most thought we were joking! Then we spent the rest of the day on a mini honeymoon just walking along the beach (in full wedding attire) and a simple dinner in a pub by the fireplace.

I’ve never quite understood why you should spend your one day as a bride as a hostess worrying about other people, I kind of either wanted to get married or throw an amazing party but not both on the same day. Instead I got to spend every second with my new husband, just taking it all in, hand in hand.

Hanson Leatherby_70s wedding


Hanson Leatherby -70s wedding

70s elepement wedding Hanson Leatherby

all images: Hanson Leatherby


12 Responses

  1. Louise

    You look beautiful! I definitely love the idea of a 70s inspired wedding dress, I know for definite ill have flowers in my hair when I get married! x

  2. Luci

    Lovely wedding. Think it’s great that there was just you and no need for a big ostentatious performance. Very personal and touching – well done (and congratulations)

  3. Deborah Woolf

    Congratulations Lena! How fantastic and you both look totally wonderful. Gorgeous flowers – and love the Merc too 🙂 x

  4. A-belle

    My husband and I did the same thing, only we waited 6 months to tell anyone! Boy, were they surprised. I love your outfits, you both look so happy, and beautiful. Great choices 🙂

  5. Bunny Moreno

    Oh I love it! And I love the 70s! You look amazing! Thank you for sharing such a special time of your life with us!! xox

  6. Janet Webster

    Everyone loves a wedding – thanks for sharing yours with us. I love the dress and the red boots put your own spin on it and it really worked. And how cool was the car! Wow. Congratulations to you both.

  7. Ana

    Your wedding was beautiful, you look amazing! It reminds me of mine, we also did something really small, I wore a late sixties dress and my husband wore a psychedelic jacket/suit. The florist also said a bouquet would be over £100 so I bought my flowers at the local market and made it myself. Your pictures are lovely, I’m glad you had it the way you wanted! xxx

  8. Sonya Rose

    Congratulations, Lena, to you and your Love! You, two, look so adorable together! I love the flowers in your hair…. Like a goddess~ so magical. I grew up in the 70s; so, it will always hold a big part of my free loving heart… When my best friend since 3 visited here in California (the time of my breast cancer diagnosis), we went for a car ride along the ocean. She played one of our favorite songs that we listened to over & over as kids (and I mean over & over!): “In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry… We were singing at the top of our lungs… We were in tears, laughing… It brought back the good times, like when we were so young… dancing in the basement to all my sister’s 45s. Wishing you all the very best!