The catwalks have been awash with nudes, chocolates and toffees and every summer, gypsy tops and paisley prints float down the highstreet. Classic summer, you say. Classic Seventies, I say. That’s right, the Seventies weren’t all flares, spangles and satin. You only have to look to Cameron Crowe’s Oscar winning 2001 picture, Almost Famous to see a slice of pure Seventies summer fashion heaven, without a platform shoe in sight. Adele Baxby has this story.

Set in 1973 and starring Kate Hudson, (she hasn’t always been in dire slapstick rom-coms with Owen Wilson) Billy Crudup, Jason Lee (of ‘My Name is Earle’ fame and virtually unrecognisable after swapping the moustache for a beard – seriously) and the gorgeous Zooey Deschanel, the film follows 15 year-old journalist William Miller on tour with fictional band Stillwater, as he attempts to write an article for Rolling Stone magazine.

Based on Cameron Crowe’s own teen experiences, the film drips in authenticity. Shot in muted, almost sepia tones, the clothes compliment the carefree, rock and roll attitude of the characters, alongside tunes by some of the decade’s greats – David Bowie, The Who and Led Zeppelin.

Magnetic and unashamedly sexy, it is Kate Hudson’s character, Penny Lane who manages to steal every scene with her outfits. Bare faced, with spiralling blonde corkscrew curls, the first time we see Penny, sporting John Lennon sunnies, an Afghan trimmed suede jacket and a lace crop top, you can’t take your eyes off her.

The rest of Penny Lane’s ‘Band Aids’ (fellow groupies) wear a combination of long hemmed skirts, paisley prints, headscarves and lashings of denim. Easily layered up for when the British weather inevitably takes a turn for the worse and great for those who don’t want to bare too much flesh, the Almost Famous cast have the right idea when it comes to stylish summer dressing.

But back to Penny Lane. Copy the lace crop tops and floaty shirts in sheer fabrics and frilly pussy bow details in whites and nudes. They look great when you have a tan, and in combination with stonewashed denim look seasonal, not trashy.

Accessory wise, what else do you need besides sunglasses when the sun has got his hat on? In one scene Penny does wear a rather marvellous assortment of pendants which is very Alexa Chung, but the bags are kept simple, over the body, brown leather.

And I fully appreciate the unmade faces and wavy hair. Ladies, take note, no-one wants runny make-up and sticky hair in the summer months. Au naturel is so much more chic. 

The film is exuberantly youthful, rebellious and will appeal to anyone who has ever entertained ideas of writing for a music magazine or going on tour with a band (that covers just about everyone, right?).

Read on for some key pieces to pull of this season’s coolest and most wearable vintage look…

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