Our fabulous Vintage Queen number 64 has a huge collection of fantastic Sixties mini dresses. With her cute heels, Sixties hair style and vintage coats she could easily star in a Hard Day’s Night – and wouldn’t we all loved to have met a Beatle or two in ca 1964.

I’m Laura and I currently live in Edinburgh although I’m from Leeds. I’m absolutely obsessed with the Sixties and I’ve got a massive collection of mini dresses, shoes, coats, bags, the lot.Recently I’ve been on the look out for suits to go out in, I love having matching jackets and dresses. It looks so smart and I’m really into the mod culture.

I’ve also started a Sixties themed blog, Hip Teens, where I post pictures and videos of my favourite Sixties girls (and a few dapper looking boys). I love the whole Sixties scene. It’s more than just fashion for me, it really is a huge part of my life.

9 Responses

  1. Rocketblast

    A great look – I like the fact that it can be dressy and casual at the same time and is very distinctive.

  2. Sheila Brady

    Great, at last somebody who understands the 60’s look and wears it as it should be worn.
    Love the hair (would have ironed mine in those far off days) no need now with Straightners!
    Love the flat shoes and the white tights (the quality of the legs help, of course)! Great look well done!

  3. Mayara

    Loved it all.The 60’s was a great time for fashion.She’s beautiful and has a great taste for dresses.

  4. Laura

    Thank you so much for lovely comments!
    Those black loafers are actually from Marks & Spencers via a charity shop though!

  5. Laura

    I’ve just updated my blog with more info on the outfits i’m wearing in this feature 🙂

    • Lena

      Laura, where do you shop normally? Any good online shops you’d recommend?x

  6. Laura

    I tend to buy most of my clothes from vintage shops. I’d recommend Armstrongs and Barnardos Vintage in Edinburgh. Also a lot of charity shops in city centres have vintage sections so they’re always worth a look. I find a lot of stuff on ebay too. It can be difficult because things don’t always fit but a good dressmaker can let out seams or take stuff in. My tip when shopping for 60s stuff is to look out for the potential in a garment. I bought a black dress from Leeds market, took it up and customised it – the dress is now on it’s 4th incarnation. Maxi dresses can easily be made into minis and a bit of gold braiding or beading here and there can really make a difference!