Meet amazing Vintage Queen number 135, the gorgeous Lyndsey from Indiana.With her design skills and collection of mainly mid-century vintage, she just oozes style.

“My name is Lyndsey Helling and I’m 29 years old. I’m originally from Indiana but moved here to Kansas City about two years ago after a seven month stay in Helsinki, Finland. I work at Donna’s Dress Shop, a new and vintage boutique here in Kansas City. I find many treasures there but I do also shop around at other local vintage and thrift stores.

I’ve always loved vintage fashion but it didn’t really start to grow until my later years in college. That’s when I really started collecting pieces and wearing vintage on a regular basis.

Vintage furniture and housewares also started to become a part of my decor at home. I love the styles of the Forties, Fifties and Sixties. I can’t get enough of a good novelty print and I’ve been getting into Sixties mini dresses lately. Maxis and caftans are a new silhouette for me and have also started to make their way to my closet too. The craftsmanship or where they came from makes vintage pieces so very special. It all has a story and it’s all unique.

I am a designer in my spare time and make dresses completely constructed out of trash and recycled materials. I’ve showcased my designs in a few fashion shows, the most recent being the West 18th Street Fashion Show that was held this past June here in Kansas City.  Most of my design inspiration comes from old Fifties patterns that I then throw my own spin on. I love the process of taking all these recycled materials that I save and turning it into a wearable piece while keeping that vintage feel through it all.”

60s brown

blue 50s


green dress

lifesaver sweater

red skirt

velvet maxi

cigarette pants 2



5 Responses

  1. Courtney

    Lyndsey is fabulous – simply fabulous. And confident. I’m sure the world stops for her and no one ever tells her no.

  2. Florence

    Lovely style, love the first and last outfit ! Different eras, but fabulous style.

    Does Lyndsey have a blog ?