Meet lovely Vintage Queen no 134, the beautiful Helen from England. There is something quintessentially British about her Forties style – it’s effortless and unpretentious and simply very well put together.

“My name is Helen and I am currently a full-time student in England pursuing a master’s degree in forensic science. My main interest is in forensic entomology – the study of insect life for use in legal investigations. Outside of university I write a vintage fashion and lifestyle blog which has really helped me grow and develop my sense of vintage style.

My interest in vintage clothing began when I started university and I was exposed to a wider mix of people and different fashion styles than I had been at school. I had previously experimented with various different clothing styles but hadn’t managed to find something that I was completely comfortable with until I discovered vintage clothing.

I wear a mixture of modern and vintage clothing, mostly of a Forties to Sixties style; I love the elegance of the past compared to a lot of today’s clothing. I draw my main style inspiration from vintage blogs and others on the vintage scene because I find it easier to gain everyday inspiration from these sources than from Old Hollywood film stars, for example.

Since the kind of vintage clothing I like is generally expensive and quite hard to come by in my area, I do a lot of vintage shopping online as well as at vintage fairs and re-enactment events. There are a couple of vintage shops in my town which I support when I can and of course the internet is a great resource for finding new places to shop.”




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  1. chris

    I would love to photograph Helen here in Florida around ww2 aircraft….she is 1940s in glorious color….