Meet amazing Vintage Queen no 133, Erin Jacobs from Chicago. How effortlessly cool is her bold Forties and late Sixties inspired style?

“By day, my name is Erin Jacobs, born and raised in Chicago, currently residing in Oakland, California with my husband and pitbull. By night, I work under the guise of my stage persona, Sugar Cane Jane, in the glittery entertainment world.

I suppose I could be considered somewhat of a true Jane of all trades; a working burlesque entertainer, Sixties style Go Go dancer for Los Shimmy Shakers and the Silver & Black Soul Club, pin up and vntage lifestyle model, stylist, fashion journalist and proprietress of eclectic vintage garments.

Growing up in the fashion and arts industries, I’ve always had a rather natural affinity for exceptionally tailored garments, boldly vibrant color ways, fine fabrics, and the design elements of statement pieces of yesteryear.

My personal vintage taste has evolved extraordinarily over the years, and currently, I most often find myself drawing from the Forties and late Sixties/early Seventies in my everyday wardrobe.

As I’ve reached my late Twenties, it’s only natural that my physique has also evolved quite a bit from my pre-teen days of thrifting and digging through glorious mounds of garbs, and I’ve noticed that my body’s contours tend to take a natural liking to previously said eras.

I’m also perpetually intrigued by past era style icons Pat Cleveland, Anna Mae Winburn, Millicent Rogers, Carmen Miranda and of course, the one and only, Ms. Tina Turner. Every day, through every stride and every vintage hunt, I carry a little bit of the demure essence and poise of these women with me.”


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leopard dress

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  1. Nick Meinzer

    What’s so amazing about Erin is her vintage style is so versatile, and she does them all well! You never know what era you’re gonna see that day!