Meet Vintage Queen no 131 – the beautiful Desiree from New York. How gorgeous are her colourful Fifties and early Sixties dresses?
“I’m Desiree, a writer and editor in New York City. In my free time, I go to a lot of burlesque shows and vintage-themed events, dance salsa, and blog. It’s actually blogging that got me wearing vintage and vintage-inspired styles. I started my blog because I needed clips to get the internships I wanted and I figured no one my age was writing about their love of old stuff, like music and movies from the Seventies and Eighties.

At the same time, I was taking a film class where we watched movies from the early Twenties into the early Sixties. Between the movies and blogs I was reading, I got deeper and deeper into vintage fashion. I found an incredible community of like-minded weirdos who wore the fashions of the era so well. And when it was time for me to go into the real world and get dressed for work, vintage clothes were the perfect way to look professional and put together without resorting to black dress pants and a sweater.

I gravitated mostly toward the styles of the Forties, Fifties and early Sixties. The New Look silhouettes are very feminine and flattering to my shape, and there’s just something so nice about a big skirt swishing around my calves. I’m a big fan of the bold colors and patterns of the Sixties, though the novelty prints of the Forties and Fifties are wonderful, too. I’m always looking for novelty prints.

I love how dainty I can be in my vintage dresses and skirts but I also love the way women incorporated menswear into their looks in the Thirties and Forties so I play around with that, too. I’ve started a small collection of sweater vests and bow ties.

Inspiration: Edith Head. There’s always something so gorgeous and ethereal about her costumes for films. I can sometimes tell she did the costumes for a movie even before checking the credits on IMDB.

I don’t necessarily have a single star as my go-to for inspiration. When I want think about how to style pants I look up Jayne Mansfield because she makes them very sexy. I love Rita Moreno’s shortest haircuts; when my hair was shorter, I definitely styled it based on photos of her. I’m inspired by “collegiate” and teen fashions of the Forties and Fifties, as well as outfits in pin-up art (I always say I like to think of myself as a sweater girl with great big brains). Sewing and knitting patterns are wonderful for inspiration, too.”

Ada Lovejoy


black and white toile


circle skirt


pink dress


polka dots


sweater vest


Ada Lovejoy

7 Responses

  1. Alessandro

    She is a special woman… a real beautifull chocolate vintage Queen mermaid!! Congratulations Desiree .. i match your point!! Greetings from a Vintage spirit!!

  2. Jeanine

    Love the look on you!!I am a woman of color as well, and embrace vintage looks and styles.

  3. Alli

    Oh my gosh! You look amazing! I have serious clothes envy!!! I love your outfits 🙂