Meet amazing Vintage Queen no 130, the beautiful Riikka from Finland. How fantastic is her Art-Deco-meets-Hollywood Twenties and Thirties-influenced style?

“My name is Riikka Pennanen and I’m 29 years old. I hail from Helsinki, Finland but I’m a bit of a gypsy soul in that I studied in Scotland and England and still spend a fair amount of time in London, where I lived up until 2012.

I graduated from the University of Westminster in 2011 with an MA in film studies. During my studies I focused on Hollywood history and did a star study of Jean Harlow for my thesis. My focus is now on Finnish film – I work on the Finnish national filmography at the National Audiovisual Archive, and write and lecture about film history.

Indeed, cinema – and especially the history of cinema – is a passion of mine and probably the source of sartorial devotion to vintage fashion. Thanks to my mother, I grew up with old films and, for as long as I can recall, I remember admiring the actresses and female characters of classic Hollywood cinema – especially the eccentric personas and the immaculate fashions. Today I am drawn to the visual culture of the early Twenties to mid-Thirties, from fashion to film and art. I find this time period, in which women were pushing past many of the old gender norms, deeply fascinating.

There are many reasons as to why I wear vintage, such as the quality and craftsmanship and the rejection of mass produced items, but the matter of fact is that I find vintage fashion the most aesthetically pleasing.

I see vintage fashion as an expression and extension of my personality. I write about vintage on my blogs Harlean’s Heyday and 21st Century Flaopper and I’m part of Fintage, an association with the aim of preserving culture of the days gone by. Furthermore, photographer Jirina Alanko and I have brainstormed several photo series to highlight queer visibility in the often heterosexist vintage scene.”





All images: Jirina Alanko 

Plus check out Riikka’s fab finger wave tutorial:



8 Responses

  1. Sharleen

    It’s wonderful to see that those decades can be modified to larger figures like mine! Love it!

  2. Anna

    stunning photographs! Love the inclusion of non heterosexist images and the truly vintage looks.

  3. Delicia

    She is so gorgeous! What a great sense of style and fantastic photos to show it all off!

  4. Diane

    Nice work! As a long-time hairdresser who learned finger waving in Beauty School, you really don’t need to set the hair in rollers first. Most of the time, the look can be achieved by simply putting wave set on damp hair, then sculpt the waves & let dry. A curling iron can be used on the hair ends.