whitejacket1Yes, you’ve heard correctly, we are introducing a gentlemanly element to QueensOfVintage.com. Our new resident vintage king, George Walker, will be writing about the needs of the vintage man from chap to mod. 

So whether you are a vintage chap yourself or a retro gal who is trying to make-over an ordinary boy into a vintage cad, you sure will find some great hints and tips. Enjoy!

That’s right, we boys love it too. If anything, vintage looks have an even greater appeal for us; the idea of taking on tried and tested styles which you know are going to look good is a lot more tempting than following the sometimes impractical and absurd ideas some fashion magazines come up with (one recalls the introduction of suits with shorts and men’s leggings as two particularly cringe-inducing fads of 2009…).

What we must remember, however, is that vintage style is- on occasion- harder to get right than it would seem. Sometimes you’ve got to put the effort in to get that ‘effortless’ look. Luckily, to cut the effort, I’ll be suggesting some easy-to-follow style tips that even the most reluctant male shopper can get to grips with.

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