It is truly annoying that even when you’ve styled yourself in your vintage best, most pictures taken of you just fail to reflect the glamour that is so integral to vintage dressing. Rather than vintage vixens we end up looking red-eyed and ever so slightly fancy-dress. Thank god for vintage photographer Gordon Ayres. His stunning photographs fully capture the spirit of the golden age of Hollywood, old Vogue covers and Film Noir.

Gordon Ayres has been photographing the British and Continental Thirties, Forties and Fifties vintage scene for over 20 years.

Using techniques culled from the classic Hollywood period, Ayres finds inspiration in both the studio glamour photographers of the time, and the grainy reportage style of the dime newspaper reporters. His use of quality vintage lens and studio lamps create the exact feel of the look of the Twenties to Fifties for whatever the occasion.

Film Noir is an inspiration for scene set shots, and similar lighting suits the exotic allure of burlesque and smoky night-club musician photographs.

By contrast the elegance of Vogue-magazine – style portraits of ladies with hats and gloves at a Paris cafe,or snaps of people in evening clothes at a Swiss hotel in the Thirties – give an impression of a bygone era.

To arrange you own photoshoot with Gordon get in touch by visiting his website.


3 Responses

  1. Andi B. Goode

    Wow! I’m impressed. I’m always a bit wary of vintage styled photography because it can end up looking cheesy, so easily, but these look so authentic! Even the colour is spot on.