Our favourite flame-haired secretary Joan Holloway will be soon be immortalised in doll form as Mattel,Lionsgate and AMC have announced the launch of four Barbie collector Mad Men dolls available to buy from  July 2010. We haven’ been this excited about a Barbie since age 6!

Designed by Barbie designer Robert Best, the Mad Men Barbie doll line features key players from the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency: creative director and leading man Don Draper; his wife Betty Draper; Sterling Cooper partner Roger Sterling; and bombshell office manager Joan Holloway.

The Mad Men Barbie Collector doll collection will be true to the Mad Men series’ couture fashions and accessories and its iconic Sixties style and aesthetic.

Each doll is stylized in iconic costumes from the series, and comes with accessories true to their show counterparts. Don Draper wears his classic, polished red-lined suit and comes accessorized with a hat, overcoat and brief case.

Copy of Madmen_group-shot_560Betty Draper’s classic look is captured with unparalleled detail, from her faux pearl necklace to her pumps; Joan Holloway looks chic in a purple skirt suit and perfectly styled coif with her staple accessory – a pen necklace.

And Roger Sterling is looking dapper in his monogrammed shirt.

The Mad Men Barbie dolls will be available for a suggested retail price of $74.95 at BarbieCollector.com, amctv.com and select retailers.

We cannot wait!

2 Responses

  1. Adele

    It is very exciting news since I’m obsessed with Mad Men and still love Barbie (a bit of blushing necessary for admitting the latter!). But I’m a bit unconvinced of the combination. What with the lack of booze and Joan’s ‘traditional’ shape gone missing, it all feels a little flat. But I agree with you, the clothes are brilliant, for sure. But at the same time this kind of marketing strategy doesn’t fit with the ‘expensive’ feel of Mad Men in my view. I took a slightly different approach to the annoucement, if you’re interested: http://www.dressedinthedark.co.uk/ideas/barbie-dolls-are-brazen-even-for-mad-men