21809muted6For years architectural salvage was reserved for the eccentric and the expert – those with an eye for the hidden value of fixtures and fittings ripped from the carcasses of demolished or gutted properties. But today, as modern builds lacking the charm and character of period properties saturate the market, and as an increasingly stoic wartime mentality of ‘make do and mend’ kicks into every aspect of our recession-occupied lifestyles, architectural salvage is enjoying a new popularity. Tara Gardner explains how you can salvage some treasures for your home.

It’s a tough time for period property enthusiasts. Sky-high prices for period properties, even in these unstable times, are driving increasing numbers to turn to more affordable new or modern builds.

‘There are far less period properties on the market at the moment, compared with modern,’ says Alan Mogg, senior sales negotiator at Sovereign House estate agents.

He adds: ‘Three years ago period properties sold for huge amounts, but now buyers are trapped, unable to sell unless they are prepared to make a huge loss. The other factor is of course that there are far fewer period properties in general compared to modern builds. While modern housing is fairly disposable and can be erected in no time at all, to put it quite simply, there will never be another Victorian house built.’

But while there may never be another genuine Victorian period property built, for those of us who aren’t content to passively accept that we must reside in the routine square-boxes of modern builds, with a little help from architectural salvage, we might just be able to curate and create the house of our dreams.

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