Cut your fabric into more manageable chunks – I decided to use single strips to cover each element of my chair, but you might prefer to create more of a patchwork effect by cutting up smaller sections. If you’re doing it like me, cut your sections slightly larger than the area you wish to cover, and hold them in place with pegs while you cut the top and bottom/each side to size.

Paint on a PVA solution of around 70 per cent PVA to 30 per cent water directly to the wood and stick your fabric on top. Once it’s in place, work it around the chair, into the various grooves and ridges, cutting and tucking the fabric as you go to ensure a flush finish (this gets easier with practice!)

Finally brush over with a coat of PVA solution to keep it all in place, then repeat throughout the chair.


I left my seatpad until last as I wasn’t sure what fabric to use on it. Once I could see what the rest of the chair looked like I then decided that as my fabrics are all quite vibrant I didn’t want it to overpower, so I ended up just painting it.

As it was already sanded it just needed a lick of wood primer. I then painted it with some leftover emulsion before finally embellishing it with a fabric bird print and patterned-edge trim, decoupaged onto the seat using the same method as before.

Et voila! To ensure your chair remains durable, give it several further coats of PVA solution, allowing to it fully dry in-between coats. One down, seven more chairs to go!

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6 Responses

  1. Lauren

    This is beautiful, I may be tempted to do something simialr in my “make do and mend” corner, where I have to do up my 1930’s desk and make the pine chair match. What great inspiration!

  2. Jo

    I rent my furniture along with my flat, and never have I regretted this so much! You’ve got me positively aching to customise all the monstrous faux-country and faux-walnut pieces! I shall simply have to move flat.

  3. Carol

    Ooh nice work – there’s a lot of unloved stuff out there that just need a little bit of decoupage magic. And Jo – yes. frankly you need to move. to an empty unfurnished flat that is just crying out for flea market finds.

    it’s taken over my life, that’s for sure. anyone who’s intersted in seeing what we get up to can find pics on our Flickr thingy

    Say NO! to the skip


  4. Jess

    It looks wonderful. Can you overlap the fabrics, i.e. you don’t have to neartly join each piece of fabric? Thanks

  5. mrscartwright

    Really good, splendid design and ability. But, can you tell us how to smooth it into the grooves and pattern? Can you post pics or even better a video?