QueensOfVintage.com’s readers have been celebrating a Fifties and Sixties look for many seasons now, and it seems our influence is spreading. Sales of retro-style fashions are soaring, according to eBay.co.uk, as fashionistas flock to the site to snap up a Fifties look, inspired by TV show Mad Men. And our vintage queens, probably.

Harking back to the late 1950s and early 1960s, the US drama has spurred a resurgence of glamour, with full skirts, longer hemlines and sling-backs all making a comeback for women wanting to capture the sleek looks of Betty Draper and Joan Holloway.

Sales of full skirts are up by 252%, with prom dresses making the third most searched for term in the women’s fashion category. Fifties-style chic kitten heel sales have jumped by 140%, while sling-backs have soared by a staggering 600%.

The classic pillar-box red pout of the Fifties is also in vogue, with sales of red lipstick up by 117%.

These aren’t specifically sales of vintage originals from the era, of course, more likely modern reproductions. But, hey, we’re not purists at Queens. We’re loving the vintage vibe right now.

11 Responses

  1. Tonia Collett

    Fantastic – Mad Men always reminds me of my granddad. Definitely had his heyday as a salesman in the 50s and 60s – Don Draper personified in many ways.

  2. Genie

    The Drapers were my parents, my brother and I were their kids. I never miss an episode! My young adult children are Mad Men fan as well, they love the style! I love the style and watching those grown ups as a grown up!

  3. Emmeline

    If you wish to take a closer look on the fabulous dress that the Betty doll is wearing you can visit
    Unfortunatly, it is sold but i love that the site keeps the photos of the sold dresses for reference.
    I think the green version of the dress is more flattering anyway.

  4. Rebecca McWattie

    Good to see the trend is continuing – we launched Stop Traffic Clothing retro fashion site in November 2010 and have such great feedback – thanks to the 1950s styles featured in Mad Men, vintage style parties and all the Vintage websites like Queens of Vintage.

  5. Amii

    I love this, I really do – the more demand there is, the more supply there will be, and it’s easier for me to get my vintage kicks! It used to be you had to be ‘in the know’ or have hours to spend drooling over vintage couture online (hard for a teenager with limited internet as I was!) but now it’s so easy to make up your vintage-inspired wardrobe. Queens of Vintage, we salute you!
    PS; Rebecca, I am obsessed with STC. Thankyou too 🙂

  6. Emma Turner

    Loving this picture! Retro weddings are big business and we’ve featured Mad Men themed hen do’s on our blog. It seems everyone just can’t get enough of Don & Co!