The work of Russian artist Lyubov Popova is currently in the spotlight due to the London Tate Modern’s exhibition, Rodchenko and Popova: Defining Constructivism. The exhibition looks at both artists’ work across all mediums, including paintings, architecture, poster, theatre and book design, and puts it into the context of the period in which they were working. Frances Ambler has been to the Tate to explore Popova’s work as a textile and dress designer.

One of the main attractions of the show at the Tate Modern is the rare opportunity to see some of Popova’s fantastic textile and dress designs. Her bold use of colour and geometric shapes and love of clashing and contrasting patterns remains influential today. Also worthy of celebration is her fearless attitude to designing and her belief that good design belonged to everyone, not just those who could afford it.

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2 Responses

  1. sarah

    What a really interesting article, thank you. I definitely want to see the exhibition now. Love, love, love Popova’s textile designs.

  2. sasha

    Great article, thank you. Have never knew that the museum with her textile samples is so close 🙂
    …love your blog, thanks!